Same sex couples adopting children Part 3

As this series continues, we will now look at what is acceptable in society for parenting. This is the point at witch the logic falls apart for those who wish to ban same sex adoptions.

In part 2 we talked about opposite sex and same sex couples parenting. In part 3 we will talk about single parents. If opposite sex couples are top tier, and same sex couples are second tier, single parents are clearly third tier. Yet society accepts single parents over same sex parents. With that notion you begin to see that dark ages thinking starting to show again.

One of the lame arguments is that single parents happen. Meaning a death or divorce can cause the situation. However as you read on you will see that in another light.

It is true that the single parent did not start off that way. The usual routine of having sex with your opposite sex partner produced the child 9 months later. Then some act of ‘fate’ (key religious word) led to being single. However that does not address quality, and that is the basis of the ban on same sex adoptions.

So if a lower quality can be accepted by ‘fate’, then a higher quality should be allowed logic dictates, but you are dealing with people who have their head stuck in a Bible, and to them logic is outweighed by fate. If a same sex couple suddenly became single by the same act of fate, then you would have yet another dilemma, but we wont go there as it would certainly lead to an undesired headache. If you have ever had a logical debate with a bible thumper who is busy telling people to repent on some street corner, the moment you present sound logic that disapproves their preaching, they raise their voice and start citing verses from the Bible as a fall back. At that point you realize you would be better off having a discussion with your pet. At least you may get a purr or a wagging tail out of it.

The same quality principles apply with a single parent, and the job is tougher than being a couple. Making ends meet and having quality time to spend with the child is at best a fleeting thought. Single mothers find it difficult or impossible to deal with their son as he goes through puberty. Particularly so is he is on the path to be an Alpha male. In this case, testosterone is needed to control testosterone. Estrogen does not stand a chance here particularly when he is following nature’s call and busy tracking down other sources of estrogen.

Single fathers face a similar dilemma with their daughters. They may be over protective and not allow her to date until she is 20. This can lead to some psychological problems for the girl as she sees her friends in relationships, and discussing their boyfriend’s physical attributes. That could lead and often does to secretive relations that dad is not to know about. Trying to put a check on nature’s call is quite impossible. Once again this level of quality is accepted by society.

So as you can see there is a bunch of dots here that point to religion not being elective, but being forced on society. It does not matter what religion you are or if you do not believe in the teachings of religion. This infringement on the freedom of choice to adopt or not is wrong when it is based on faith and not logic. To ignore a persons personal parenting qualities based on sexual orientation is the dark ages all over again.

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  1. Indeed, it’s the parenting qualities that matters.

    The time we stop ‘labelling’ people is the time we see love-and-peace in this otherwise mad, mad world!