Finding Thai love online Part 5

The prospect of finding love on line just 10 years ago was a novelty. For some Thai ladies working in the naughty nightlife, it is just another source of income and not necessarily looking for love.

As the weed identifying continues, the next weed is the anonymous bar girl nestled in with the other girls. Telling them apart does require some know how. Not all bar girls are bad. In fact there are some real sweethearts just looking for love in the wrong place. Connecting the Dots touched on this earlier in the series. Now we will take a more in-depth look.

Consider that some bar girls are looking for love, and selecting a job in the naughty nightlife is more money driven than anything else. There are two agendas here, money and love. As for finding love or money, English is key as English is the language of commerce. Learning English can quickly increase that chances of any Thai male or female having a more prosperous life. However in many cases what started off as two agendas, can quickly become blurred into one. Her English ability will be a sign here. If she is able to identify more colorful verbs and slang, that is a bad sign. Most poor Thais have limited English, and knowledge of colorful verbs and slang is not in the text book.

Bar girls will act a little different than a girl who does not work in a bar. The charm they learned when they were young will somehow  not be as sweet. There will be more of a business flavor to how they chat with you on line. They will also sound a bit more in tune with western culture and demanding. Telling her no about money may prompt a response from being angry, to using sex to persuade you to open your wallet a little more. If she is anything other than submissive at this stage of just being a USB friend that you are interested in, then at the very least a yellow flag should go up. Hard sell requests for money or heart wrenching stories are a sure sign she is looking for other things. Tell her it is way too soon to consider anything related to money.

Another way to identify if she is a bar girl is simply to call unannounced around 9:00 pm Bangkok time and listen for background sounds. If there is music then she may be able to say she is out with her friends. But the same sounds the next night or within a few days is a red flag. Going out takes money, and doing it more than one day a week while crying poverty is the sign of trouble. On average going out one or two nights a month is about most can afford.

Another way to tell is if she identifies her job as a day job, then call her during what should be her lunch time. It may be the middle of the night for you, but if it sounds like the middle of the night for her, she is not being honest with you. Most bar girls sleep until mid or late afternoon. Ask her about where she works and see if she is making up things. Sooner or later she will trip up or try to change the topic one way or another. There are other more direct ways to find out about her, and that will be in part 6.

Part 6.

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