Finding Thai love online Part 7

Up to now Connecting the Dots has pointed out some of the tricks your potential sweetheart may pull. In part 7 we will talk about managing your own stuck accelerator.

Connecting the Dots wants to give you some good advise, and particularly so if you are being blinded by love. So just some common sense things that you will probably ignore that we wish to pass on.

If you are just out of a relationship 6 months or less, you need to look out as this may be the start of a rebound relationship. Many up scale single services will not accept you if you are out for 6 months or less.

Take it slow, as no doubt you will have plenty to choose from. Connecting the Dots did some research by actually going on one of the services. Just minutes after the account was upgraded to where we could contact the ladies and they could contact us, we were being contacted by Thai ladies looking for a man.

It went something like this; 10:15 am started to enter payment information. 10:20 am clicked the make payment button. 10:21 am upgrade approved. 10:25 am server updated account. 10:28 am first incoming contact. By 11:00 am there were 3 incoming contacts.

Thai women warp into a relationship, much faster than western women. If western women moved as fast as the Thai women do, you would be looking to see if she was psychotic. But rest assured, this is more Thai culture driven than not.

The progression of a distant relationship can go faster than a local relationship. This is because you don’t see any negatives in the person who you are interested in. In that case she seems the perfect match and you become overwhelmed with the desire to have her in your arms.

Generally if you meet her on line at a regular time, you can get to know about her. The web cam adds a wonderful sense of being there. If you are good at reading body language, then the subconscious positive cues she sends you will make you feel even more desire.

Connecting the Dots recommends you spend at least a month getting to know her on line. Spending about 15 to 20 hours will give you some things to talk about. Talk about her life and her favorite things. Talk about her family and previous relationships if any. You are looking to develop a rapport with her at this time and not be making wedding plans.

Once you are comfortable then the next step is meeting her. Let it be known that you are not committing to her. This is just the next step in getting to know each other. This can happen one to three months after you first contacted her. By then you should have a good feel for her personality and what she is looking for. At this point you still should have not sent her money. A valid exception is sending her a little money for her birthday telling her the money is for her to buy a gift for herself. If later she tells you she gave the money to her mother, then that will tell you about her a little more. A little money being between 1000 and 2000 Baht.

After that the rest is up to you how it goes. There are no set rules once you meet her. As much as you want to get her in bed, spend a few days with her first verifying what was said on line before that first roll in the hay. It will help you to not make a mistake.

The service Connecting the Dots explored was It is one of the better sites used with seemingly hundreds of new ladies a week. There are other sites, but this is as good a place as any to start.

Needless to say, this was one of the more enjoyable research project for Connecting the Dots, and we will leave it to your imagination as to how the research went.

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