Thaksin support collapsing

If you read between the lines of what the pro Thaksin groups are saying, you start to see what looks like the real numbers. The down side about this analysis is Thaksin supporters are often off base when it comes to what they complain about.

In the face saving game as they notice their support failing, placing the blame on someone or something else is a very normal reaction of denial. It is hard to think of another reason to come up with the story below accusing the military of operating such a program.

The most recent red shirt rally was far short of the numbers and enthusiasm touted by the organizers. There is a lot said about what is not being said by the actions and accusations. Couple that with Thaksin’s world getting smaller and smaller as countries line up one by one saying no to a Thaksin visit, the real message is starting to get past the layer of lies told to the lesser educated Thaksin supporters. Sooner or later the masses of Thaksin supporters will have to accept that Thaksin is history and bad news.

Quoting the Nation:

Supreme Commander General Songkitti Jakkabat denied yesterday that the armed forces had a secret Bt2-billion budget to destroy the pro-Thaksin Shinawatra red-shirt movement.

Asked by reporters, Songkitti said laughingly: “None, none. What secret fund? I haven’t seen any.”

Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) leader Nattawut Saigua claimed earlier this week that a meeting report by the Army’s Strategic Operation mentioned such a fund but Songkitti denied the existence of the document.

Army spokesman Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd rejected as groundless Nattawut’s claim of a “secret budget”.

He said Nattawut might have been referring to an Army project to train villagers in many rural areas about His Majesty the King’s philosophy of sufficiency economy. He added that the project did not require Bt2 billion as had been alleged.

Sansern said the Army had no plan of undermining the red-shirt movement.

The Army spokesman said the politician might have got access to some document involving the project that was labelled “secret”. He explained that the practice of labelling documents as “secret” was simply routine even though some documents did not deserve that status.

The Supreme Commander said yesterday that he was not worried about movements by Thaksin or the red-shirt DAAD because Thaksin is not saying or doing anything new.

“The way he said things have been [the same] for years. There’s nothing new.”

When asked what Thaksin should do, Songkitti said Thaksin should contribute to public good.

“I don’t have high knowledge to advice anyone who’s knowledgeable. Just stick to the natural principle of doing things for the public, which will bring happiness to the public,” he said, adding he believes Thai society will move forward.

From Japan, government spokesman Panitan Wattanayakorn also denied the military has such secret funding. Panitan said the schemes that government has in supporting “peaceful tambons” in the three southern most provinces and to support sustainable development in all villages.

“The prime minister never had such policy. The PM stressed on solving conflict through reconciliation,” he said, adding Abhisit was pleased that the red-shirt protesters have not broken the law so far and would like to thank them. The government spokesman added, however, that next week, the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) would forward its annual budget for approval which will be subject to the government’s discretion.

Meanwhile Democrat Party spokesman Buranat Samuttarak said the allegation made by Nattawut is tantamount to slandering the government. He added that Nattawut should instead be concerned about lese majeste as during a protest by the DAAD on January 24, some protesters allegedly shouted “Long live Thaksin!” and that one DAAD member is still in jail for lese majeste.

Buranat denied the Democrat Party was using the institution of monarchy to destroy its enemy, as alleged by the DAAD, after Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban claimed that Thaksin wanted to return as president.

“I want to say that anyone dragging the institution in order to sow rift will be regarded as an enemy of the whole nation.”

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