Media manipulation

It has come to the attention of Connecting the Dots that there is media manipulation underway when it comes to political information out of Thailand. Because of this Connecting the Dots wishes to inform our readers that every effort is being made to sort out fact from fiction.

Several of are news sources are not media based and many times we hear things straight from the source. Much of the bogus information being given to the news is meant for political gain and to sway opinions. Based on how things have been going over the past several years in Thailand, you can get a good idea of who is seeding the media with false claims as it matches their style.

This does cause a bit of a problem when it comes to making our prediction calls. If some of the players react to false information, a series of events can take place that can change the game board. The entire effort is meant to make the government unstable. As far as the news about the pro Thaksin people, no manipulation is needed as the real deal is nasty enough on it’s own.

This tactic is not new by any means. In fact it is commonly used by Thai businesses who are less successful than  non Thai businesses. The Thai business would seed the pool of information with false information hoping it will cause the successful business to make a bad business decision. When that happens the Thai business would run in and pick up all the pieces.

With that said, Connecting the Dots suggest you don’t take any hot news too seriously at first. Give it a few days to sort itself out. We will be looking at the common sense facts and what does not seem to fit.

One Response to Media manipulation

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    Unfortunately, this suppression of factual news and media manipulation happens all over the world – in particular in the USA. We all should make it our policy to report what we see – as we see it.