Red stain on Thailand’s face

Taking a look at the progress Thailand’s new government has made, it becomes clear Thailand is on the right track when dealing with the global economic crisis and domestic problems. However there is one group who’s every move seems to want just the opposite, and that group favors the color red.

Although this simply boils down to just Thai Politics, the world is watching as Thailand is part of the world economy in various capacities. It does not matter if it is Thai rice or tourism, Thailand does contribute to this global economic machine. The global economy is so fragile at the moment, it does not take but 1 or 2 malfunctioning cogs to make things worse across the board.

For the most part the rest of the world would love to see stability in Thailand, and especially after the airport closing by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) in parts of November and December 2008. That one incident sent financial ripples around the world as global air travel was disrupted.

The trouble makers at this point are the people who support the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. Without fail every action the Pro Thaksin people have made this far has tarnished the face of Thailand. Ultimately that will work to hurt everyone in Thailand Thai or not. The group is wide spread from various smaller groups across northern Thailand who wear red shirts, to the Pheu Thai party (PTP).

There is absolutely no doubt Thaksin does not want to see someone else succeed, as it would destroy Thaksin’s perceived boast as the only man that can save Thailand. So the motive is clear in that if others can do what Thaksin can, Thaksin will no longer be needed. This is one of the core elements in Thaksin’s attempted comeback.

The frivolous attacks being made by the PTP on the Democrats are just part of the embarrassments Thailand must endure. It is expected the upcoming censure debate the PTP has put into motion is just more attacks, and already the word that personal attacks will not be tolerated as it does not have anything to do with the function of the government. This may leave the PTP with little if any to say. There has also been news reports of false accusations being floated by the PTP as they are having a difficult time finding any dirt on the democrats who have a reputation of being squeaky clean. So if you can’t find it make it up, but this is par for Thaksin cronies. There is a fair possibility the censure attacks will be based on false accusations.

Needless to say while all this and more is going on, the world is watching. There is no doubt there is a concern if the pro Thaksin people were to ever regain power, Thailand would quickly become a place to avoid for both business and other. While the PTP and the other red wearing people are showing their true colors to the world, they are also showing what their government would be like, and that does not fly well in the west. So essentially there is strong hope and support for the present democratic government as they show transparency and potential for long term growth, while the pro Thaksin government most certainly will bring renewed instability to Thailand. After all, Thaksin is now globally recognized as a convicted fugitive, and who in their right mind would want to have dealings with them other than people who fit the same profile.

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