Staying young Part 1

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Everyone wants to stay young. To stay young requires but one simple thought, and that is don’t do things that make you old.

Searching for the fountain of youth is easier than you would think. You do not need to go on some quest in the jungles of the Amazon or drink some magic elixir, the answer is much simpler than that. Connecting the Dots has spent a significant amount of time and effort with research to find the straight forward answers. The out of pocket cost are meager when compared to the benefits down the road.

The first and most common problem has to do with what you put into your body. We are not talking oral or injection, we are talking about entry with your eyes and ears. Stress plays a huge roll in how fast we age. So simply remove or manage the stress and we age more slowly.

There was a recent article that showed that Presidents of the United States age 2 years for every calendar year. Certainly that is a huge trade off when you come and think about it. The higher you are up the ladder, the more stress there is. A CEO has a lot, but the person who sweeps his floors has little. So the desire for power and glory comes with a price.

Take a look at laid back lifestyles in rural Asia and you do not see much stress. In fact the same things that seem to put stress into humans, also put stress on the planet. The hectic go, go, go pace of modern life is making your body clock go, go, go!

Connecting the Dots has done research and what we found was not only amazing, but extremely effective. Learning to manage your stress is one of the simplest ways to avoid getting old fast. As the majority of the stress we encounter is man made, it is easy to understand why nature did not equip us with natural stress management tools. Where you learn to do that is also just as amazing.

Some people think popping a pill is the answer, but the fact is those pills can and often do have negative side effects and that can shorten your life. If nature did not make it, then man did, and we have see the wonderful results of that. In short taking pills do not keep you young, they simply introduce man made chemicals into your body. Remember a scientists job is not to find drugs that work, their job is to find drugs that do the least amount of damage to you.

In short it boils down to 3 choices. Choice 1 is walk away from the stress. However that is not always an option as it can effect the thickness of your wallet.

Choice 2 is see a counselor who can teach you stress management. However as this is effective, it does nothing for how you perceive stressful things. What that means is, things that cause stress will effect you while you set about with your new stress management tools. That has the effect of leaving your car outside in a snow storm. You must remove the snow from your car before you drive it. So you are still effected by the stress.

Continued in part 2

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  1. Can’t wait to read part 2.