Staying young Part 2

In part one we covered 2 options on how to stay young when it comes to stress management. In part 2 we hit on what to many is a fountain of youth that is just a phone call and appointment away.

Choice 3 is by far the best choice, but there are still a number of people who will be hesitant to go to the type of professional that can help the most. The reason is many people only see one small part of this very powerful medicine of the mind when it is applied in entertainment and not therapy. We are talking about Clinical hypnosis and not stage hypnosis that is used for entertainment. Because stress is targeting our subconscious mind, it is best to go there and deal with it.

Going to a Clinical Hypnotherapist will teach you all the same things counseling would, but it also has the added bonus of changing how you react to stress. It is like leaving your car in a garage when that snow storm comes, there is no need to clean it off. Think of it this way, your first day on the job and you are anxious and are looking to make a good first impression. There is a certain amount of stress associated with day 1. But after you have been there a while, all what was going on during day 1, does not even happen. You have developed a certain comfort with the job although nothing has changed except your perception.

Hypnosis has the same effect with stress. Just as hypnosis is great for overcoming a phobia by changing the perception of what triggers the phobia, it does the same for stress. It simply keeps your reaction to stress closer to a normal range and not exploding all over the place. When that happens your body is not triggered to produce the hormones that are associated with stress and premature aging. Hence the wonderful fountain of youth is all about drying up the fountain of aging, and clinical hypnosis does that extremely efficiently.

So simply put, hypnosis holds one of the newly discovered keys to staying young. Newly discovered means newly discovered by the general public, clinical hypnotherapist knew this right along. However the fear some have heightened by Hollywood’s fictional portrayal of hypnosis has kept people from this fountain of youth.

Unfortunately depending on where you are in the world, locating a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist can be easy or hard.  In the west there are plenty to choose from. However in Asia it is slim pickings to say the least. It is also important that they received their education in the west. The reason for this is most of the stress is west culture related. Asia is more laid back so a clinical hypnotherapist from the east may have not received the proper training to deal with western culture based stress.

Connecting the Dots did a search and only came up with a very few names in Asia. After contacting them by e-mail and then by phone (to research this story)  we concluded that one of the best western educated clinical hypnotherapist is an American located right in Bangkok. Singapore and Tokyo also have western educated clinical Hypnotherapists but they are from Asia. All have indicated that people have come great distances to see them because there are simply non in Asia.

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8 Responses to Staying young Part 2

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    I think you should continue your research – you may find there is much more an individual – at least when living in Thailand – can do him/herself by “soul searching” (for lack of a better word).

    It is a process of redefining “perception” as a tool to gain “control” over one’s – very frequently – selfinduced stresses.

  2. Walter N. says:


    Your point is sound but if people knew how to manage stress already, they would not be displaying it like they do. Looking around I can say that over 90% of the people I know could use this type of help. One of my coworkers looks to be 50 but he is only 40 and under loads of stress. I think Richard has hit on something big here.

    I do agree I was once afraid of hypnosis but eventually went to get over a fear of flying. Now I see flying in a very different way and no longer have the fear. For me now flying is enjoyable and relaxing. After 5 years of high anxiety hypnotherapy completely changed my concept of flying in just a few hours. I can clearly see the connection Richard is pointing out, and the link he made is well worth a read.

    2 thumbs up Richard!!!

  3. Paul C. Parvis says:


    I don’t disagree with your feelings on “Hypnotherapy” = but there are other alternatives – could be selfdirected – but it always helps to be directed by a “caring professional” knowlegeable in the subject.
    The important part – as Richard points out – is to reaIize there are options to your perceptions.

    I always say “I was 59 when I first came to Thailand – now I am 42 “.

    There is a lot of truth to that.


  4. Susan Beckman says:


    I love you, you are so right about this. I spend a lot of money on makeup trying to look young but I feel all that stress inside me making me old before my time. I found my first grey hair last month and as far as I am concerned, mid 30’s is way too young for that. I am most certainly going to look at this hypnotherapy option you talked about to slow down my body clock.

    I showed your article to my husband and he can relate to this. He is very aware on how important appearance is when trying to find work or make career advancements. He said it is not vanity when it comes to moving up the ladder.

  5. Hi Richard

    Interesting set of dots this time. I must say I have grown to be a big fan of you over the past 9 months. You are so often correct on your predictions it is uncanny. I was wondering if you can help me pick lottery tickets some day.

    This staying young thing makes a lot of sense, I guess when hypnotherapists finally run out of smokers this is certainly going to be what is next. I wonder how long it will be before this becomes a fad, it certainly has the potential. I can easily see all the Hollywood stars lining up to fly to Bangkok to see this guy. Plastic boobs look nice, and better if the owner is genuinely young and not loaded with makeup.

  6. Good read.

  7. Janet West says:

    Why didn’t they think of this before, I am tired of spending all that money on makeup to only look young. The idea of staying young is so much better.

  8. Welcome to the future of age management.