Abhisit, Thaksin, G20

Connecting the Dots is not trying to blame the world economic crisis on Thaksin, but because Thaksin is actively trying to make trouble in one of the G20 nations, no doubt his name will come up. Knowing how Thaksin rubs respectable people the wrong way, this may not be a good thing for Thaksin.

We know this is a bit of a stretch, but humor us for the moment. The G20 summit is all about solving the world economic crisis, and each country contributes to some percent. So the percentage Thailand contributes to the G20, is exactly how much Thaksin is affecting the G20.

Seeing that Thaksin is all about money and shady deals, the G20 members are at the least going to question Prime Minister Abhisit about Thaksin. Topics of those conversations are likely to be about the chances of Thaksin mucking things up, and he may be doing this from your country. Needless to say that tends to provide incentive on both sides to put Thaksin out of his misery as he may be becoming a global economic nuisance of sort in the global recovery effort. After all, even that Prime Minister Abhisit has only been in office for a few months, he commands much more respect than Thaksin ever did in all his years in office as Prime Minister. Thaksin was just someone they had to deal with, Abhisit however is well liked and that alone makes Abhisit the preferred choice by far.

With that said, certainty there is the possibility that Thaksin could be refused entry into more countries, along with other reasons for Thaksin to place that country on his ‘They were part of the 2006 coup’ list, or more possibly his ‘Make them suffer’ list. After all it did not take Thaksin very long to publically go after the British government for yanking his visa.

Whatever happens at the G20 about Thaksin, it is likely not to be in his favor.

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