Sick minds on the Internet show all

With the Internet growing as it is and technology advancing at such a pace, even your grandmother who can only operate email can now blog. That ease has now unleashed people who are mentally ill onto the Internet displaying their illness for all the world to see.

Every now and again you will come across a website or blog that seems a little off. What is there can be an attack or some pet peeve. In some cases there attack is very focused on a person, company or a website. For example lets say the person with a sick mind does not like for what ever reason. They may start a counter site called clearly pointing out a very specific target.

Now yes there are some readers of Connecting that Dots that may think we are on some sort of crusade ourselves, however let us point out one thing. We look to connect the dots of smaller things to show the big picture that may elude some who don’t have time to sort it out. We also make predictions on what is likely to happen. Our accuracy in that is being correct about 80% of the time thus far. Sometimes it can look like an attack but we feel it is proper journalism to repeat things as there are always new readers who may not know the facts. It may after a while sound like the Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas” but non the less we feel it is proper.

When you look at a website that is being generated by a sick mind you will note there is a lot of babbling and inconsistent thought flow. Meaning the alphabet may come out like a, b, t, s, c, d, x, f and so on. Also the lack of self content and dissecting every last thing in the site they attack is a sign of a sick mind at work. One such example may be site may talk about the use of condoms or properly cooking certain foods, and the site would some how find a way to attack it. Simply something like that leaves little doubt there is a sick mind at the keyboard.

The longer such a site is up, the more obvious the progression of the illness is. Point in note, some universities may find such a site as a realtime example for their mental health students to study.

Others may also become a fan of such a site because of a morbid curiosity. Ask yourself how many people would take a moment to watch someone do something dangerous or foolish just to see them go splat. A race or daredevil show brings big crowds if there is a chance of significant injury. It adds a certain sense of anxiety and excitement to watch. To watch a sick mind progress does offer amusement to some.

The sick mind may even offer statistics of how many people visit their site. To them it is fuel for the fire thinking that people approve of what is being said, when in fact the reason they come is to observe the mental state of the composer of the site, and not what they are saying.

2 Responses to Sick minds on the Internet show all

  1. Hi Richard,

    You are so focused on PC going too far, check out this article from the US where there is a movement to ban the words “Retard” and “Retarded”. Completely ridiculous. Maybe you can post on this in a future update…. here is the link:


  2. Hi Richard,

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! Any nutcase can own their own blog and that can be potentially dangerous. However, I think most people are sensible and therefore, they can smell a rat. If a website or blog is merely “babble from the padded cell” nobody in their right mind will ever be closely associated with it. Most people are seeking useful information and/or interesting information. Let’s hope it stays that way!

    It can be a sick world we live in. Whenever there is an accident, fire, car crash, or street fight, a crowd will gather to have a look. While there is the curiosity factor, very few bystanders ever offer to help. In many cases, they hinder rather than help. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast. “Oh look, a car crash, are there any dead bodies?”

    Like you said, there are some sick people out there. Fortunately, the sick people are in the minority.