Brain red on arrival

It is very apparent that the red shirt supporters of convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra are very single minded. They have ignored the fact that they have lost arguments and some of their topics have already seen closure, however they still continue to argue as if they were still unresolved.

Either this is very good or very bad depending on how you look at it. In the very good column, the fact that they have no new material or points to argue, says the Government is on the up and up and performing within the rules of law. In the very bad column, it means no matter what you say or do, the red shirts have an agenda and they will look to carry it out no matter who it hurts.

Point in note, on Tuesday April 7 in Pattaya Thailand, the red shirts set out to make a scene. All there banners were in English and some of their speakers were speaking to the English crowds. They paraded around Pattaya and eventually set up on Beach road in the middle of Pattaya beach. It was very obvious they were playing to an international audience. The topics they talked about were along the lines of the military record of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. They were hoping to find people who did not know that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s military record had already passed the test. Other such points also were debated and passed the test in the very recent censure debate.

If given the chance no doubt they would contest assorted court rulings that went against Thaksin, but because of the almost certain jail sentence associated with challenging the court, they have limited their attack on the courts as at lease one of them has already overstepped the line and now faces contempt charges. Only topics that almost certainly insure repercussions are being avoided.

The red shirts had very young children with them, and coupled with Thaksin’s encouragement to bring children along knowing full well the likelihood of violence simply reeks of Human Shields. At the very least this is poor judgment on the part of these children’s parents. Meanwhile Thaksin is safe far from the action.

The fact that the Thaksin’s red shirt army seems to lack the ability to see common sense and that they continue to drive on simply spells a sad day for Thailand.

Connecting the Dots sees some dots that are still somewhat hidden so this looks to be one of our calls on what is one of the possible paths Thailand may take. Thailand must pass a few more forks in the road before this particular choice.

The fact that Thaksin was so quick in mustering such a huge show of force in such a short time, simply says Thailand may not be ready yet for the full open democracy and more specifically the sudden intense elimination of corruption. Many of the red shirts benefit from corruption in some way. The sudden change Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is implementing may be too sudden for Thailand to assimilate. That would mean problems for sure, but again, Thailand must pass a few more forks in the road before this particular challenge is addressed.

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  1. “Thailand may not be ready yet for the full open democracy and more specifically the sudden intense elimination of corruption. Many of the red shirts benefit from corruption in some way. The sudden change Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is implementing may be too sudden for Thailand to assimilate.”

    Am I reading you correctly? Are you saying that PM Abhisit is implementing open democracy? I must just be slow, but open democracy seems the complete opposite direction Thailand is moving toward at the moment. Maybe I’m just not “connecting the dots”.

  2. Gary Henderson says:


    I think you are getting confused with all the media. The fact is all the Mps that were elected by the people are still in office. They are there with a democratic process. The UDD and the Pheu Thai Party are complaining that the coalition of other parties decided to side with the democrats, and that is a democratic function as in another vote or election by the Mps. That is really what this is all about. They are not targeting the Thai people, they are targeting the Mps who decided to be with the democrats, that is why they want parliament dissolved. They are the same Mps before the People Power Party was dissolved, and you only see Thaksin’s party being associated with the red shirts. They do not have enough votes anymore to be the government, so they are trying to force the issue. What is going on is meaning the protest completely democratic and elite or not being associated with the democrats, this is democracy. The media has been doing too much micro-analyzing and people have gotten off track as to what is going on. This is all about Thaksin not being the puppet master behind the government.

  3. Cool. Thanks Gary for setting me straight. I think I have it figured out now.

    So to take over the presidency of the United States, I first need to get some influential friends and the military on my side. We then start to work the country up into a frenzy until we can push out the incumbent and I can take over.

    Of course in parallel with this, we will rewrite various laws so that we concentrate the vote to the wealthiest in America. Besides, those who are from Alabama and Mississippi are too dumb to vote anyway, so we shouldn’t allow them to have a say.

    Once in office, we will create a separate unit. Let’s call it Unit 6080 to monitor our citizens. We can recruit army staff to increase monitoring and set up a powerful group of our peers to quash all perceived activities and speech that are either critical or inquisitive of what we are doing.

    We can even set up another group that works hand-in-hand with Unit 6080 that monitors web-sites. If we are really good, we may even get to the blinding speed of blocking, deleting, or otherwise interrupting over 1000 web-sites per day like Thailand.
    Of course everything we do here is interpretation. We don’t really have to worry about anything further because an accusation is as good as law. There is really no way for you to fight it, so don’t bother trying. Just plead guilty and we will cut your sentence in half. At least we don’t kill you like we did in the Witch Hunts.

    Oh, but I’m leaving out the best part. When the media or critics try to attack my plan as undemocratic, I can simply point out the obvious – We are very democratic. See, every single one of our senators and representatives that were elected by the people are still here.

    I’m sure I’m still missing something here, so please help me out.

    Quoted from Frank Anderson: To those who insist that the media is distorting the situation, the only way to agree to this spurious charge is to respond that the distortions are due to the lack of further evidence that would produce even more damning accounts.

    By the way, Gary, this is NOT all about Thaksin being the puppet master behind the government. This is about so much more than that. This is much more about protecting the wealth and status quo of the elite.

  4. Observer says:

    Thaksin is asking the red shirt parents to bring out their children in full force, yet Thaksin’s own children and ex-wife left for safe heaven abroad. I think the ignorant and niave red shirt parents ought to think about this irony.