Increased violence tied to economy

When the economy heads south, other things are on the rise. Unfortunately one of the things that goes up is the number of people suffering with mental health.

Mental health problems can manifest into violent actions when the problem is severe enough. Some of those actions are directed inward and may result in suicide, or directed outward at others and result in homicides.

Some of the most shocking crimes have happened in the past year, and all can be traced back to the economy. Someone losing his job then goes home, gets a gun, and comes back shooting.

The mass killing of police with one gunman, the rampage in a community center, all ultimately tied to the economy.

There is no real warning sign for many of these cases, they just happen like a bolt of lightning. All a person can do it to listen to people and hear if there is a blend of anger and other negative emotions in casual conversations. That may be the only clue that they may go off the deep end if they encounter any more negatives. If they have expressed personal anger and not general work related anger that is another sign. Work related anger may be directed at a slow computer, and personal anger is directed at a person or persons.

If there is any sign of problems you need to take whatever action you feel is right to protect your life and the lives of others. There is no one size fits all answer here, so you have to take a look at the situation and plan ahead.

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