Thailand Thaksin Nicaragua

Diplomatic passports are issued to people doing official work for the government that issued the passport. So essentially acts carried out by that person are sanctioned by the issuing government. That means the next attack by Thaksin on the Thai government could technically put Thailand at war with Nicaragua with Nicaragua being the aggressor.

There are several ways one can dance with the devil, and giving out diplomatic passports most certainly is a big stack of coins for the jukebox. It seems fairly obvious that President Daniel Ortega did not think out the consequence of issuing a diplomatic passport to Thaksin. As the passport was issued before the violent attacks on the government started, it is easy to see it seemed fairly harmless to Nicaragua to give Thaksin a diplomatic passport.

However now the situation has changed, but the trip wire is still in place. Thaksin was still on a Thai passport when the attacks started. So technically Nicaragua is still not a player in this war. But now that Thaksin’s Thai passport has been revoked, any violent action on the government by Thaksin’s red shirt army or other supporters will be viewed by the international community as being sanctioned by Nicaragua.

Most certainly when and not if the next attack occurs, Thailand could put pressure on Nicaragua through the United Nations. With the way Thaksin has been acting and particularly with his fastest crony Jakrapob Penkair talking about starting a guerrilla war against the Thai government, the United Nations most certainly would listen to Thailand.

As far as Connecting the Dots can see, this is a first time situation that someone like Thaksin has essentially hijacked another country to wage his personal ego driven war. As we can find no case history, this will fall to the United Nations thus virtually getting every country up in arms about Thaksin. Other people on the run just simply blended into the woodwork and silently disappeared from the radar. This however is not the case with Thaksin.

One of the factors to consider is that in Central America, face is not as big of a concern as it is in Asia. So for President Daniel Ortega to do an about face and pull Thaksin’s passport, that would be not much effort or concern at all. After all he does not need to invite United Nation sanctions on Nicaragua because of Thaksin.

This very quickly could make Thaksin the hot potato that no country wants on their soil passport or not. Only very few countries would let that happen, and that may be the next chapter, but there are no dots there yet to connect, just some mud cookies.

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  1. I would expect that Nicaragua will revoke his privileges.