Political correctness and national defense

Lets face facts, political correctness makes wimps out of people. If people get so upset now to the point of not being able to function over the most trivial thing, what would they ever do under a genuine threat to their country if there was ever a significant attack be it from terrorists or whatever.

Looking at the possibilities of what could happen it begins to become a bit scary. Suddenly there would be a whole country with their hand out waiting for someone to hold it and say ‘It will be OK’. There will be nobody left to guide the people in the early stages of an attack. The same would be true when the H5N1 Bird flu virus finally gets around to being human to human transmitted. There would be a bunch of panicked helpless people without someone with enough balls to lead them. It would be absolutely pitiful.

It is truly disgusting on how bad it has gotten that people can’t deal with the simplest trauma that someone did not say good morning to them. They would be messed up for most of the morning searching for what they did wrong and not be able to focus on work. Never mind a terrorist attack.

Point in note, there was a very recent comment made about arming merchant ship needed to navigate the pirate infested waters off Somalia. It went something like; ‘If we let the ships arm themselves, the pirates may get bigger guns.’ Feel free to roll your eyes, we certainly did. Connecting the Dots still sticks by our turn them into shark food position.

If this is sounding a bit angry you would be correct. If you give serious thought that your whole country has turn into a bunch of whining and whimpering wimps who lack any ability to help defend the country, you too would be angry. You would feel obliged to slap them in the face and say snap out of it hoping they may find what they once were someplace inside. That would work for people 25 and older, but younger than that and they would have no clue.

That brings us to the thought that perhaps everyone should take a few weeks with a Marine drill Sargent to assist in that reality check and shake off being a wimp that was created by political correctness.

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