North Korea pushing the limit

When North Korea is mentioned in a conversation, people rarely have good things to say. In fact in a lot of cases, the loose term of ‘Nut case’ seems to fit well.

In 2008 when North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il was apparently ill with a possible stroke, the dialog with other countries was for lack of a better term ‘More sane’ that normal. Because of that it is very apparent there is a rift between what Kim Jong Il wants and others want. During that time a lot of positive progress was made in changing how the world sees North Korea.

However now that Kim Jong Il has recovered that progress is now quickly retreating back to where it came from. With a very provocative long range missile launch, down to ejecting people who are there to insure the nuclear disarming moves forward, North Korea has once again moved into dangerous waters.

For the most part, it is not hard to see North Korea is trying to hold the world hostage. We did a story some time ago we named Nuts with nukes, and there is nothing to say what we said was in error. Kim Jong Il clearly has some psychological problems, and the people down the chain of command see this and don’t agree with many of Kim Jong Il’s positions. That means they see the big boss is off his rocker, but dare not say for the chance to kiss a bullet.

No doubt there are world leaders who would love to just take a giant flyswatter and give Kim Jong Il a good swat to put more stability on the map, but unfortunately the world is much more complex than that. Only when there is a country that had gone so far off the wall like Iraq did when it invaded Kuwait that everyone in the region will line up against a country. There are still a few holdouts in the neighborhood when it comes to North Korea, but only a few.

It looks to be a tense year when it comes to dealing with North Korea, and nobody should discount that Kim Jong Il is not crazy enough to launch a nuke.

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