Going negative on Thaksin

It is easy for some people to say there is a lot of negative press on Thaksin Shinawatra. There are some that say it is a very bias slant against him. But when you lay out all the pieces on the table, what may be called bias by some becomes a very accurate picture of Thaksin to others.

As with any good journalist, balanced reporting is preferred. But when items in the positive column are simply non existent, the report can look very bias. Certainly there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, or so they say, but when it comes to some people that simply may not be true.

When names like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein hit the news, and you link the fact that they were psychotic and ego driven you start to see a connection. The list does not stop there, you can easily find many more names in recent and distant history that have the same profile. Eliminating people in their way by killing them has yet to find a place in the positive column.

Trying to find something positive about Thaksin you need to go back several years where he did manage to do some positive things for Thailand. But with recent events they have all been wiped out, so the question is do they even count with the price Thailand is paying. If you could attach a money amount without even looking the numbers would be negative or if you prefer in the red.

The fact is Thaksin is not the same person he was, and with all the resistance he is encountering his response is just getting more negative with each passing day. If fact Thaksin just gets people pissed off by opening his mouth because everything that comes out is opposite the truth. Add to that he shows absolutely no remorse for hurting others and you can see it is increasingly hard to find positive things to balance a news story about Thaksin.

So to find something positive about Thaksin you may need to go back as far as 1985 to locate something that has not been canceled out with what he is doing today, and that is a very long time.

So when reporting on Thaksin if the facts are accurately described, they may seem bias against him. That is simply a fact when you connect the dots about Thaksin.

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