Pandemics part of nature

As the world suddenly shifts into panic mode fearing death from an unseen foe, people are suddenly reminded just how much a part of nature we are. As events like a pandemic weed out the weak, they also are a part of human evolution.

It truly scares us when we stop and think about the numbers of people that can die from a pandemic with today’s global population. With an airborne virus like the Swine flu, the chances of getting it go up. However in this case not everyone who gets it will die.

The people who’s DNA is most adapted to fight off the virus will survive, while the people who’s DNA is least adapted to fight it off will die. It does not matter where that person is in their family tree. Meaning the virus will selectively kill old or young who do not have what it takes to fight off the virus. When the pandemic is past, only the people with the proper genes will survive thus inching human evolution along.

Pandemics also have a way of curing other health problems cause by other viruses. For example people with the HIV virus that weakens the immune system will most certainly perish when the pandemic comes, thus reducing the number of people with HIV to possibly zero.

So when you come and think about it, a pandemic is just nature getting out the pruning tools removing the weak and un-adaptive from the gene pool. Because of today’s communication technology, this will be survival of the fittest and evolution viewed in real time.

If there is a fatal flu pandemic that humans have no natural resistance to, there is one bit of advise. That advise is to live each day as if it were your last. That does not mean spend all your money, it means enjoy yourself and don’t let trivial things bother you.

One Response to Pandemics part of nature

  1. You are correct, but what about the humane side of things? Shouldn’t we all try our best to protect and preserve each human life?

    It’s true, in the end all that is born must die and that is a natural law. The pandemic is just another form of life but one that will die as well.

    But even if you life your life moment to moment, protecting other lives is surely a worthly goal, no?