Politically correct disease names

When the news broke from Mexico that there was a virus that was killing people that could become a pandemic, people wanted to know what it was called. So with no consideration of political correctness it was called the swine flu. But now the politically correct censors in the US have stepped in and want it called something else. 

the politically correct censors wanted to give the swine flu the politically correct alpha numeric name H1N1 because naming it swine flu was causing bias to pigs. In some respect they were correct in that Egypt ordered all the pigs killed. But in reality after reflection, that culling was more driven by religious diet restrictions and not fear of pigs spreading the virus. The swine flu is very different than the bird flu, so culling pigs did nothing.

In reality what you call something that is part of nature really does not offend it, the same as man made things. You can call it a lorry, semi, 18 wheeler, or just a truck, if you are standing in it’s way and it hits you, you will become a hood ornament as it propels you into the next plane of existence whatever that may be. The same is true with a deadly virus.

So to basically put the politically correct censors in their place when it comes to life and death things, people simply started calling it the H1N1 swine flu or just kept on calling it the swine flu and could care less about being politically correct. This once again proves being politically correct is not natural to us, it is not even part of nature. So in so many words people have told the politically correct censors to go bother someone else with their meaningless trivial stress causing pain in the ass bullshit.

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