Burma’s junta fears itself

If you have had any type of training and education in psychology, you can easily spot that the junta in Burma has gotten to the point of extreme paranoia. That also means the slightest suggestion that there is someone on the inside that plans to overthrow the junta can start them shooting at each other.

Looking back at how Burma’s junta acts, they do everything to the extreme. This is because every decision they make must be insured. Giving casual orders or instructions can too easily be taken astray. Many eyes must be watching every order to see that whatever the order given is properly carried out. Then there are also watchers watching the watchers. Simply nobody is trusted.

Their fear of influence from outsiders is overwhelming. When Cyclone Nargis devastated parts of Burma in 2008, much of the international relief was sitting on the tarmac in Thailand waiting for the junta to allow international relief into Burma. Their fear caused more to needlessly die and countless more to suffer.

In reality the junta’s fear is justified. They have been around so long the seeds of greed, anger and hate have had time to take root grow and strengthened. Because there is a strong desire to remove the junta from every corner of the country, the defensive posture the junta has taken shows how much they fear anything that can cast a shadow in sunlight. There is no doubt one or more secret internal movements are underway to remove the junta, and assassination is very likely on that list of options. Launching a large scale assault will be more effective if the junta leaders have been eliminated. That is listed under the military doctrine of cut off the head and the body will die. With that thought the generals are very much aware of what is at stake.

Events that rock the boat like farce trials and riots can be the flame that lights the fuse that will start the junta on a self feeding frenzy. They already do not trust anyone, so with all the action going on there is simply too much to watch and they fear the start of their downfall will come at such a time.

The more attention being focused on Burma, the more uncomfortable the junta feels. Secrecy and out of public view is how they like to operate. The reason is because they know what they do is already unacceptable and would cause international condemnation. That international attention would likely motivate their opposition to act.

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