Thaksin’s next attack taking shape

It did not take too long to spot the makings of the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra’s next attack. Where riots in the streets seems to have failed, the new weapon seems to be mind games.

Just skimming the content of the local media, it does not take long to spot that Thaksin is once again starting to appear in the news. The spewing of arrogance and disinformation about problems in the Thai government seems to be the center of this attack. Sudden problems seem to be appearing or the magnifying of mole hills into mountains with the hopes people will believe and react to it without checking.

Most certainly there are problems in every government Thai or other, but if you start to believe what is coming from the Thaksin camp, you would think Prime Minister Abhisit’s government was held together with rusting bailing wire and ready to collapse under it’s own weight. All this is designed to do is to get people to run back to Thaksin.

The reality is as mentioned before by Connecting the Dots is the corrupt politicians part of the coalition did not suddenly change to be good politicians, they simply put their heads down while the battle was going on between Abhisit and Thaksin. So that suddenly more lean feeling wallet is starting to make some noise and the urge to be bad once again is being encouraged by Thaksin.

The other part of Thaksin’s attack is his ‘I am untouchable’ arrogance. Boasting that nearly any country is willing to give him a passport whether true or not is food for gullible minds. Thaksin looks to play this to the max, however the truth is Thaksin’s world had gotten very small as to where he can go. Apparently Thaksin has become so paranoid, he has taken to the air just to go across town where the average person would drive. This is however being portrayed as clout and respect. After all it does not take too much to hijack a car Thaksin may be in. With all the bounty hunter type people looking for that prize money that is being offer for Thaksin, he is forced to use a helicopter just to avoid them. In truth the people who are after him can bee seen in his rear view mirror.

Thaksin will not make his attack single pointed, he will continue to cause violence where he can. But admittedly right now he needs to get more people to believe he is truly untouchable and will be back to deal with his enemies. There will be propaganda, as well as buying people.

The suggestion that respected governments will offer Thaksin a passport only tarnishes that government, but Thaksin never much cared for anyone except himself. Thaksin would need to part with substantial cash to get a passport from another country, and only countries where corruption is a serious problem would do so. If there was no or very little corruption, the person who offered Thaksin the passport would soon be seeing the inside of a jail.

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  1. tum|bler says:

    An unstable, conflict-ridden government is a natural product of your beloved 2007 Constitution.