Swine flu vs Bird flu


When it comes to comparing the swine flu to it’s more deadly cousin the bird flu, you begin to see all the panic calming propaganda unravel. All the talk of having a bird flu vaccine ready is just a story for the birds.

We have seen the swine flu jump borders and spread to more than half the countries around the world in under 2 months. The efforts to quarantine people are fully underway, but there is limited success. The long incubation time for the swine flu lets people pass checkpoints before they show symptoms of being infected. The bird flu will be easier to spot as symptoms appear much sooner.

If you have been following the story on the bird flu, you will hear stories of miracle vaccines being developed and are being stockpiled to be used at a moments notice. The problem is this is just a layer of nonsense to stop panic. The fact is the bird flu continues to evolve and experimental vaccines that may have had some effect last year are much more impotent today. Until they know what the bird flu will finally end up to be, there is no vaccine. You can clearly see with the swine flu how long it will take to develop a vaccine. Depending on who you listen to it can be from 3 to 6 months.

So using the swine flu spread as a working model, the rate of global spread matches the prediction made by doctors and scientists. The model is exactly the same for the bird flu. So essentially we can expect global infection before the bird flu vaccine is ready. With an 80% mortality rate with the bird flu, you can expect the global population to be significantly thinned by the hand of nature.

As compared to the pandemic of 1918, aircraft will spread the virus more quickly with flight attendants being the most likely to spread the virus. Typically a flight attendant will make 2 or 3 flights in a day doing sleep overs before returning home a few days later. They can be infected on their first flight, and pass the virus to the second flight before they show any symptoms.

With the airlines being a major player in the global spread, it is easy to see the huge numbers of billions dead. So to help limit the spread, flight attendant scheduling will need to be looked at with longer layovers and perhaps only 1 flight.

With the swine flu, the experts expect a second more aggressive round to start up shortly. For whatever reason(s) the experts are saying not to drop the guard just yet. Apparently this is what has happened in the past. Perhaps it is human nature to not pay attention to things that are not in our face that causes this to happen. Mexico city was shut down for several days, and now it is normal because the infection has seemed to pass.

No matter how you cut it, we are not out of the woods yet with the swine flu, and still not in the woods with the bird flu.

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