North Korea asking for preemptive strike

With the actions of North Korea of recent days, one can not help but wonder if they are asking to be bombed to oblivion. To make threats to attack is one thing, to do it with nuclear bombs is another.

With each passing day, the idea of nuking North Korea seems more like the right thing to do. The hopes of diplomats are that it will not escalate to that level. However when dealing with Kim Jong il who has been described by more than one doctor as being psychotic, diplomacy is not a guaranteed effective plan of action.

As mentioned before By Connecting the Dots, Kim Jong il will only respond to what a bully would respond to. However he has also played this game before but never with nuclear weapons. In reality this is the trump card of the deck short of an actual attack with nuclear weapons. Any attack by North Korea using nuclear weapons will result in nuclear weapons being launched at North Korea by more than one country. The United States will most certainly have nukes in the air minutes after the attack. China and Russia will also probably look to put an end to this nut case in short order.

Strategically North Korea is vulnerable. Most of their military is massed near the border with South Korea. And with a few modest sized 5 megaton warheads spaced around the North Korean army, and Corporals will be the ranking officers once the mushroom cloud disappears. Doing the same for all the facilities that are tied to North Korea’s nuclear program, and in under an hour, there will be little more than stones and slingshots left.

As horrific a loss of life this would be, it will be a forced hand by a sick mind. The nuclear fallout will be the next problem, and that all depends on the winds and the altitude of the blast. Considering that a 5 megaton bomb is roughly 250 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Japan during world war 2, there will be a lot of radiation to deal with.

It is a bit of a gamble to see if North Korea is just rattling it’s sable or plans an attack. Consideration must be given to the present level of sanctions being imposed, and the present level of need. On one side some may simply say this is just a game of a bully, and others will not take a chance and say this mad dog needs to be put down. There is absolutely no doubt that governments around the world are much more concerned than they are letting on in the media. Also countries like Iran will be closely watching how the world deals with North Korea. After all they are next up on stage after this act.  No matter how you see it, a nut with a nuke is a problem for all.

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