Lawless Thaksin digs his hole deeper

It was classic Thaksin arrogance for all the world to see. This time it was not ignoring the laws of Thailand, it was ignoring the laws of Germany. Knowing how arrogant Thaksin is, it does not take much of a guess that Germany may be but one country on a longer list who’s laws Thaksin has violated.

When Connecting the Dots first heard about Thaksin’s fiasco in Germany, we did not give it much thought as it was presented as a relatively minor infraction. But after reading that Thaksin was on that countries black list, the story has taken on an entirely new life. So with that thought in mind, we decided to look a little deeper.

In the west Thaksin is like a fish out of water and more than likely in the soup. The laws are more strictly enforced, and only the foolish or weak minded would fall prey to being encouraged to violate laws for Thaksin. In classic Thaksin style, other people will take the fall for Thaksin. The people that assisted Thaksin in getting an illegal visa and permit in Germany, likely have ruined their careers, and most certainly their reputations all for some lump sum of cash. Thaksin can play dumb to some extent with this case, but he is still on the arrest on sight list in Germany.

Seeing that the European Union has taken the same stance as Germany about attacks being launched from their countries, suddenly 27 countries are off limits. Of that list of 27 countries is where you are likely to find more of Thaksin’s games being played in attempts to get into those countries. But because of what has happened in Germany, these countries are very probably looking if Thaksin has done the same. So the big item is that Thaksin feels he is above all laws, and it does not matter what country they are from. That should win him some points when he looks to visit.

Consider also that Thaksin has been ejected once from the United Arab Emirates for the same type of attacks, but he has promised to be good and only conduct business so he has been allowed back. That is not because they trust his word, it is because they want his money.

Speaking of money we can not forget the British Government has locked down about US $4 billion of Thaksin’s money because it seems to be questionably his. Also in Thailand the court proceedings on the money that is locked down there is due to start in July. So there is no doubt Thaksin is working on some way to get that money back under his control.

It has also been alleged that Thaksin carries six passports, but seeing as there is only proof of 3 passports the others are being questioned. The known passports are his revoked Thai passport, a Nicaragua diplomatic passport, and a Montenegro passport. If other passports do exist, then most likely they will be with countries that have no extradition treaties with Thailand. With the same thought, they are also countries far away from where Thaksin wants to be. Also any visas that Thaksin may have had before his conviction are likely to expire soon if he managed to transfer them to other passports.

So for the moment Thaksin is keeping a low profile making finding him a bit more difficult because there are less places to hide, and there are a lot more people looking for him. He still has political motives, but the time is not right because of the huge failure of his attempted overthrow of the government in April. That failure has made him politically weaker. As a result he must be more selective in his timing when making his next visual assault. The propaganda attacks continue but have been also limited. When you come and think about all of this, Thaksin has brought all this on himself.

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