Extremists making global push

Look at the news from around the world and you will see Muslim extremists ramping up their violence. It does not matter what name they go under or what they are called, it seems someone has turned up the master volume.

Pick any spot you want, it can be southern Thailand, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan or where ever, there is now noticeably more violence one way or another. Some of it is subtle like dishing out extreme punishment for breaking some Islam law, or letting loose with guns in a Mosque, it is all on the rise.

There does not seem to be much logic behind this, but there are a few theories that Connecting the Dots will float.

The first and most obvious is the huge popularity in the Muslim world of US president Barack Obama. His Muslim roots have naturally bridged many gaps that have been impossible to bridge before. This became crystal clear when Osama Bin laden released and audio tape attacking President Obama on the same day Obama was to address the Muslim world in Egypt. This simply spells fear on the part of Osama Bin laden.

In other places it could also be just increased activity after winter. The Taliban invasion into Pakistan’s Swat valley also can be linked to the US as they are having a higher level of success in Afghanistan. The Taliban are on a recruiting mission Taliban style. That is simply fight for us or die. It is already well known that several Taliban fighters are unwilling participants.

In Iraq it could be any number of reasons, but the most obvious was waiting for the US to start pulling out. In short they were playing dead waiting for the overwhelming force to leave. Again this is tied to President Obama.

In southern Thailand it could be misreading Prime Minister Abhisit as being weak in his eagerness to ramp down the governments influence in the region and seek a peaceful answer.

The common thread with all of this is the only successful way to deal with these extremists is with force. The perfect example of this is Saddam Hussein. Saddam was ruthless and violent. When the US took him offline, it was like uncorking a bottle of Pandora’s favorite drink. When the US went into Iraq they were first fighting Saddam’s army, but very quickly it became fighting everyone but the army.

So as you can see there is a bunch of reasons and many more not listed. The bottom line with this simply comes down to the obvious as uncomfortable as it may be. You must fight fire with fire, to do otherwise is just foolish wishful thinking.

One Response to Extremists making global push

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    We seem to overlook – or seldom state – another Extremist CREATING extremist responses – the Zionist state of Israel.