Iran in turmoil

Thanks to Twitter, Connecting the Dots was able to sample in real time the events in Iran. We have read about some horrendous acts being committed, but like the mainstream media it is hard to tell what is the truth and what is a passionate entry.

Some of the things we have read on Twitter talk about the use of a liquid agent being dropped from helicopters that renders burns. We have see that many embassies have opened their doors to the wounded, and we have seen the bloody pictures of people fighting to keep their voice.

DCO Thailand

We have read about house doors being marked by the government for followup action. If there is any truth in that, then this simply is more than stopping a demonstration, it is about repression.

To summerize quickly what is going on as things are changing minute by minute so in a few hours time this entry will be outdated. The underlying desire for freedom remains, and even if a person does not agree where the people want to take their country, it is their country and their choice. The violent repression is starting to open cracks wider as people fear reprisal less and are being motivated by passion.

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