Iran’s dictator exposed

The democratic protests have fallen mostly silent in Iran for fear of unthinkable punishment. The seeds of democracy in Iran seem to have failed. But not because they were wrong, it is because they can only grow in the soil of a true democracy.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture, Iran has a dictator who has been hiding in the robes of religion. The position of President of Iran is actually only a facade that gives the illusion of democracy. Iran’s dictator will only allow a person who shares his views to hold that post. So with that thought, we do not see an election that was tainted, we actually see an election that never was.

What the people of Iran were protesting for is turning out to be a hollow shell, and that simply meant whatever loss of life there was during the protests, was for nothing.

This power structure in Iran was no secret, the Clerics behind the scenes were always seen as the power brokers. The position of President was created mostly to keep problems at bay both domestically and internationally. It allowed certain international privileges to be reaped because Iran was seen as democratic, while at the same time gave the people the illusion that they had a voice in the direction of their country.

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Now that this farce has been exposed, what was once tamed with the illusion of democracy has now been aroused to anger. New tactics will be used, and with the bulk of the population young and eager to deal with this dictator, a top to bottom cleaning approach will be the task and not just the facade post of President.

To the west and particularly the US, this simply spells the start of allies inside the border of Iran. A growing undergrown movement will eventually take root being sooner than later if it has not started already. But those in Iran must reach out, because the US can not reach in.

The ramifications of this with the nuclear issue in Iran have changed the playing field, but it is too soon to say where all the pieces are.

Diplomatically other countries can look to bypass the President of Iran as it is clear he is just a puppet with a mouth who failed his history lessons on World War II. They can look to deal directly with the dictator. Before other countries had to deal with the facade, but now this provides the excuse not to. This will have the effect of showing the worlds discontentment with the violent events of a dictator securing his grip on power.

It is entirely possible that the position of President of Iran could be discontinued after a while seeing that the true reason it existed no longer exists.

Change is still coming in Iran, but not the way originally advertized. The people of Iran who truly want to change their country, have many more friends beyond the border of Iran than they realize. But these friend can only stand behind them as each country must fight its own battle for freedom.

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