Coming home

Americans are Americans no matter where they are in the world. The ones fortunate enough to taste life outside of the US have a much more rounded view of the world. But now America needs help to get out of a slump, and coming home from abroad seems like the right thing to do for many.

Looking at the many reasons why many Americans decided to live outside of the US is a long list indeed. But one of the most dominant reasons for many was simply getting away from former President George Bush. Many of his policies and positions just did not fly. How much of the global recession is contributed to his decisions is hard to say, but most certainly being in bed with big oil was a very significant factor.

Other reasons range from seeking work, to just getting away from the choking stress inducing political correctness. Then there are those who simply decided to retire in a place that does not eat their retirement money as fast. But in each case, they still are Americans with American values and the desire to help.

Americans that live abroad for a year or more acquire a richness rarely found in America, and that is to see the world through the eyes of a non American. They quickly become aware of how arrogant America can be at times, but they also saw that much of that arrogance was from Former President George Bush. But now things have changed.

Americans living abroad are seeing how people are reacting positively to America’s new President Barack Obama. They see hope in him because he is so much like everyone and in such a position of authority. People see there is real hope for change for the better. It is this same motivation that is motivating Americans living abroad to go home and help get America out of its economic crisis as well as whatever else ails it. Simply put, Barack Obama is inspiring Americans living abroad to be patriotic and help America.

In the last 100 years there were few events in American history that brought America to its feet to be American and help. December 7, 1941 the day Pearl Harbor was attacked bringing America into World War II. More recently September 11, 2001. In each case there was a clearly defined event. However today, the event seems to be a combination of several things.

The desire to restore America to financial health is one. Also to restore America’s image in the eyes of the world, as well as combat the mistakes that are leading to global warming. Americans know they are capable of this, but doing it requires working from home and not abroad.

It is this combination of motivators along with President Obama that is making Americans living abroad  give serious consideration to going home to be American and lend a hand. And there is nothing that better defines an American than their desire to help. This is America’s history, and it is also America’s future.

One Response to Coming home

  1. This post is somewhat delusional. It is true that Obama’s image is much better than that of Bush. No doubt about that.

    However what is dangerous about Obama is how popular he is, people focus on his image and don’t challenge his actions. Remember Hitler was also charismatic and look where that ultimately got Germancy….

    Obama’s actions show that he hires academic eggheads who are full of crazy ideas on how to add social programs while increasing the US debt to 100% of GDP and thus indenturing all Americans.

    I did leave the US 3 years ago when Bush was in office and yes, I didn’t think he was good for the country. But the refreshing thing was that he was loathed by more than 50% of the people. Obama is basically the same but is being treated like royalty. Very dangerous.

    I may go back to the US but probably won’t. And Obama would make me stay away longer (note I’m not party affiliated, voted independent one year, democrat another).

    All US citizens and permanent residents need to file and pay for federal income tax regardless of where they live. This is partially offset by foreign taxes paid locally. The US tax system has many components though and by living overseas you are exempt from social security (flat tax of 6.2%, 12.5% if you are self employed), medicare (2.5% tax), state taxes, property taxes, local taxes and unemployment insurance.

    Not looking forward to getting hit by those when I return. And Obama will definitely increase the tax burden on most Americans to pay for his blue sky programs. He will ruin whats left of America as capital flees the country. Obama and the eggheads haven’t seem to have figured out the economic principle that there is no free lunch.

    Maybe you can do a contrarian post on Obama which runs counter to the message in this post. Would be interesting to present both sides of the coin, no?