Thaksin in Malaysia

The convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra is doing his best to cause trouble, and now looks to make an international incident between Thailand and its southern neighbor Malaysia. Needless to say it is all about Thaksin coming out on top once again at the expense of others.

Looking at what is known and what is the probable truth, you can clearly see how Thaksin is looking to manipulate people with lies.

Quoting Thaksin;

“My private jet stopped for refuelling in Malaysia and they sent 20 special-branch policemen to guard me. They love and care about me,”

Thaksin has stated that he was given 20 security people to protect him while in Malaysia, yet the Thai government said they were moving after him but he fled before they could arrest him. Examining this we find the following the likely truth;

Thaksin is on the run and many places he visits in transit or whatever are not safe havens. The fact that he is using a private jet at much greater cost than booking a flight punctuates that. Commercial flights require extensive security screening where private flights do not have any at all in most cases. So to bypass getting caught at the checkpoints costs Thaksin big money on every trip.

If there is any truth to Thaksin’s claim that he had 20 security people, they would have been hired by Thaksin himself. They would be his eyes and ears to help avoid the real authorities. There is no blanket answer where they came from, but there are plenty for hire. As the saying goes, just check the Yellow Pages in the phone book.

Thaksin looks to create conflict and by saying what he did will only heighten tension between Thailand and Malaysia. That would serve to divert attention and provide food for later propaganda. It will take several days to sort out the truth so in the meanwhile Thaksin will spin it any way he wants. In short Thaksin is saying ‘Eat This!

2 Responses to Thaksin in Malaysia

  1. tum|bler says:

    And yet a Malaysian police chief has come out to deny that Thaksin was ever in Malaysia.

  2. All things considered, from UAE to Fiji is beyond the range of small jets usually 4000 to 6500 miles. So a fuel stop would need to be made and Malaysia is about the mid point give or take 1000 miles. Also Malaysia and Thailand are along the flight path.