Fear of Thaksin’s wrath genuine

There is a genuine fear of Thaksin being seen in politicians that have abandoned him. The fear is not about their political future, the fear is for their lives.

Over the last several months Thaksin has been displaying behavior that can easily be described as increasingly  psychotic. Thaksin is showing total disrespect to anyone not on his side as well as any law of any country. Thaksin does not care who he steps on to achieve his goal. There has even been some closed doors discussions about the safety and well being of the Royal family should Thaksin ever achieve his goals.

The news story below starts to openly outline the fear of Thaksin.

Quoting the Nation;

Coalition haunted by Thaksin ghost: Somsak

Faction leader Somsak Thepsuthin of Bhum Jai Thai Party on Thursday predicted the coalition bandwagon will remain intact for two more years because all the partners are obligated to band together in fear of the return of ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

The manner of Thaksin’s fighting for his survival has put him into a corner, hence the coalition government sees no option but to unite til 2011 because everyone is fearful of Thaksin ghost as evidenced in Sakon Nakhon and Si Sa Ket by-elections, Somsak said.

Coalition partners are concerned about the possible comeback of Thaksin and will not seek a political re-alignment before ensuring to seal Thaksin’s fate, he said.

At the moment Thaksin is being driven and emboldened by some victories. In 2 separate elections Thaksin’s party one the election at first glance. Also the petition for a royal pardon has further fed Thaksin’s ambitions. His renewed confidence has generated an open admission that he is the true head of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP). As that admission is in clear violation of one of Thailand’s most significant court rulings in recent years, Thaksin has shown his mental state. The fallout of that admission has yet to be seen and felt in a court response.

Because of the fear of Thaksin, there may be a loosening of some tongues about Thaksin’s involvement in the drug killings and disappearances. That would most certainly insure more jail time for Thaksin.

With the seemingly endless assault by Thaksin on every front with phoning in to gatherings and new publications with Thaksin’s name on them, red shirt attacks to hinder the government from doing its mandate, it becomes obvious Thaksin is looking to gain ground during the next round of elections whenever that may be. There is little legally that can be done to stop this, however a new option is starting to appear.

With Thaksin’s actions being increasingly psychotic and clear signs of mental illness are apparent to even the untrained eye, turning to Thai Psychiatrists is starting to become a new option to silence Thaksin. If a panel of Thai  Psychiatrists could certify that Thaksin is mentally ill, the government may have a legal way to silence Thaksin and his publications. It is very clear Thaksin’s mental state today is not the same as when he was Prime Minister. Should Thaksin ever manage to return to power, Thailand will most certainly become a blend of what Iraq was under Saddam Hussein with politicians taken out back and shot, and Burma today with the suppression of democracy for the rest of the Thais.

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