Political correctness contributes to California’s budget problem

When you stop an think about it, ask yourself how much money is spent on trying not to hurt someone’s feelings. Then ask yourself is it really that necessary to spend all that money because some over sensitive people have decided not to seek counseling. Then ask yourself how much of that politically correct money is built into California’s budget, and you start to see something undeniable.

It seems much of what was politically correct in California has broken the bank. So the California government has decided to toss a lot of political correctness to balance the budget. All of the special interest groups that complain about this or that using political correctness as leverage have had their agenda met using part of that state budget.

One of the biggest examples is off shore drilling. It was politically incorrect to do that in such an eco system in a earthquake prone region. Not any more as that money will be used to close the budget gap. Seeing that in California you just about need to get a methane gas release permit if you have too much gas after a good meal, this is a real eye opener. So much political correctness it tied to ecology in California, and all that eats up money. The line between what is ecologically sensible and what is politically correct is very blurred or non existent in California.

Looking back, California seemed to slip on into recession before any other state. California was also seen as a place where life was just a little bit better by many if you decide not to look at what nature is kicking up. Many American trends originated in California, and one of them was political correctness. Now it may be time to reverse that trend, and the newest trend out of California may be the sudden realization that being politically correct is fiscally very expensive and ultimately self destructive.

So now it is coming time for a reality check in that political correctness was never compatible with us or our budgets. We limit certain income because it is not politically correct, and we spend money trying to make a politically correct environment so the sensitive people feel better.

It is time we start to listen to our real teacher in life, and that is nature. Survival of the fittest is natures hard lesson. Perhaps spending millions if not billions of dollars on being politically correct and trying to ignore that lesson from nature is just another example of our faults, and in California it certainly has had a major contribution to breaking the bank.

Only people living in or near California can have a true grasp of how much is spent of being politically correct, so that actually leaves us a bit short on examples for this story. However feel free to contribute below.

With a little luck, the next trendy fiscally responsible phrase out of California will be ‘Get a life!

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