Thaksin primes more division in Thailand

Hidden in the birthday celebrations is the food for division. The nurturing of the thought that Thaksin was just having a bout of bad luck and that various ceremonies would help remove that bad luck, is just another way of moving people’s view to disrespect the courts authority and ruling by thinking it was luck and not anything at all to do with violation of the law.

In a country where luck in court was based on how much money you had to buy the court, it seems now no amount of money Thaksin has will make a difference, and that certainly is bad luck for Thaksin. That is about as close as it gets to luck.

The fact Thaksin has said he was not part of the organization of the parties, was quickly proven wrong by the amount of money spent. When looking at the news clips, the so called parties looked about as far from what you expect at a party as they could possibly be. There was no having fun or celebrations, in fact there was not even an effort to make them look like birthday celebrations. They were simply a propaganda rallies 100% political, so much for truth in advertizing.

The driving of division at this particular event was subtle, but there non the less. It allowed the suggestion that Thaksin was the victim of bad luck to propagate, and then let sheep mentality do the rest for those who could not sort it out. The people that would feel it is bad luck and that thaksin is being done an injustice by the court, have simply been turned against the courts. With the fallout of people challenging the court’s ruling risking contempt of court and the associated penalties, many do not realize the implications of openly supporting Thaksin this way. Thaksin is slowly moving the people against the court who he sees as his enemy for even daring to convict him.

This is exactly the same approach that got Thaksin in power. Thaksin sunk his tentacles into every part of the government, and every aspect of society to control it. He is slowly doing that again by slowly moving people against the courts, and that seemed to be the entire reason for the alleged birthday celebrations.

A similar subtle method that employed sheep mentality was used in Germany that eventually brought Adolf Hitler to power. For those who did not notice history repeats and the Thai government must take extra steps to insure that does not happen again.

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  1. tum|bler says:

    At least they have been peaceful this time.