Thaksin’s comments suggest bribing of officials

Although most people know better than to believe what the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra says, it is important to also observe his hands and not only be focused on his mouth. In Thaksin’s latest comments, he suggests what his hands are up to, and per usual it is classic Thaksin that is being hinted at.

Put Thaksin in front of a microphone unchecked and he is likely to say too much. His ego and arrogance tend to be a bit of an Achilles heel. So for the most part he used a spokesman who was more level headed and had more media savvy to keep his secret plans secret. However all that may relay what Thaksin says do not have the same level of media savvy, and sometimes things slip past.

Thaksin has always been one to work at slanting things in his favor, he has done so mostly with buying people. he also has a history of deploying diversionary tactics, and Connecting the Dots feels that is what is going on. Thaksin is not a single tasking person, so we have decided to look into this and see what he may be up to. Based on Thaksin’s comment below we offer an analysis.

Quoting the Nation;

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is confident that he can return to Thailand in six months, Kwanchai Praiphana, chairman of the Udon Thani Loving Club, said Saturday.

Kwanchai said he met Thaksin in Dubai and he expressed the confidence that the political situation would change and the Democrat-led government would collapse so he would be able to return in six months.

Kwanchai said Thaksin also promised that he would return to serve the people by returning to politics.

Based on that comment, the obvious conclusion is Thaksin is fully aware that the signature campaign seeking a royal pardon will not produce any results. So other than using that as a continued diversion, it is for the most part dead on arrival.

The fact that Thaksin has indicated a certain fear of the democrats by suggesting he would return after they fell, suggests that there is already buying of favors underway, and that the democrats can and will place a check on those favors as long as they are in power. Remove the democrats and the favors can be provided without fear of repercussions. People are fully aware now of what it is like to dance with the devil, and now would only do so with a reasonable chance of survival.

Those favors being purchased would not be so much with members of Parliament but more likely they would be in the judicial system. They may come from simple tampering or loss of evidence, to out and out buying the favor of a judge or few. This is classic Thaksin and the people who would risk being the go between with a box of pastries loaded with cash are quite expendable in Thaksin’s eyes. That places Thaksin at no risk so therefore he is encouraged to continue. When you stop and think about it, there has been plenty of time to see where the weak links are, and no doubt they are Thaksin’s targets for favors. Seeing that Thailand’s economy looks much like other countries there is a lot of temptation, and that tends to favor Thaksin.

The fact that Thaksin is also saying things like returning to politics completely ignores that he is banned from politics until June 1, 2012 when the Thai Rak Thai was dissolved. A quick look and that is still some 34 months away. So this suggest there is some work going on behind the scenes to deal with that problem, and once again it suggest the purchase of favors.

This is Thaksin’s style of the past and there is no indication he has changed his ways. In fact his arrogance would tend to disallow it as he would read it as losing a battle.

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