Thaksin’s Pheu Thai party only Thaksin mouthpiece

Ever since the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra openly admitted that he was the true head of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP), much of their image went down the drain. The reason for that is people who work for Thaksin are only allowed to say what Thaksin wants.

History has shown with the Thai Rak Thai (TRT) that was dissolved in May 2007, the members of Parliament that belonged to the TRT were prohibited to have their own opinion or even properly represent their constituencies. Even the reincarnation of the TRT that was the People Power Party (PPP) showed exactly the same signs. Simply put everything had to be cleared with Thaksin first.

When the PPP was dissolve in December 2008 the next reincarnation was the PTP. Once again all the same characteristics were displayed as if the party members had no will of their own. Then when Thaksin finally admitted he was the true leader of the PTP, that visually connected the final dot that was only assumed with the PPP.

So now when there is an announcement that comes from the PTP, it is essentially what Thaksin wants said. Even the numerous somewhat frivolous legal filings against the democrats is a Thaksin signature. When Thaksin was Prime Minister he just about had his own private window at the court for filing assorted papers against people who would challenge him. So with that thought in mind,

Quoting the Bangkok Post;

August 2, 2009 The opposition Puea Thai party believed many people who signed the petition asking for a royal pardon for former prime minister Thaksin wanted the ousted premier to return to help the country.

Puea Thai MP for Samut Prakarn Pracha Prasopdee said on Sunday that the current government could not solve many problems of the people.

“People want Thaksin back to help improve their well-being, which the government could not achieve,” he said.

“Those who said this royal pardon petition may not be legally correct should look into what public members want and this would be a way to bring happiness to the society,” the MP said.

There will also be a big surprise soon that could make Thai people unite, he said.

If this all sounds like Thaksin arrogance, it does because that is exactly what it is. The suggestion that it you hit it hard enough it will break is classic Thaksin. It is very easy to visualize Thaksin slamming against a door with ever increasing force trying to get in.

So because of this, many people now simply feel that the PTP is not making independent observations and statements, they are simply spreading Thaksin’s propaganda. Also for the most part they should also be ignored for lack of truthfulness as is the case with Thaksin.

Point in note many of the problems talked about by the PTP are cause by Thaksin just trying to make others look bad. That includes forcefully keeping the government away from the people that need their help and interfering with government efforts to improve things.

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