Thaksin lack of remorse critical pardon consideration

After listening to Thaksin time and time again, you start to notice one thing. Thaksin is stuck in a time warp and is still battling issues of times gone by. Each and every comment or action still shows no remorse for the actions that lead to his conviction.

Thailand has moved on, in fact the Prime Minister post has been filled by 4 people since Thaksin was removed. One of them was appointed by the 2006 junta, and 3 came as a result of elections. 2 of the elected Prime Ministers were Thaksin puppets and did nothing for the country and were ultimately removed by the courts. The last Prime Minister came to power because politicians saw Thaksin was fighting a losing battle and they simply opted for the candidate that offered the most hope for political survival.

Listening to Thaksin talk now clearly borders on the edge of something, and that something is not today’s reality and is closer to the accounts of a historian. He is still fighting battles with General Prem who Thaksin sees as an enemy. He is still looking to punish the people who stood in his way in 2006 and 2007.

Thaksin’s repeated comments on why he is rejecting his conviction do not reflect remorse, in fact they reflect near total arrogance. When a petition is submitted to a King or a Queen for a royal pardon, remorse is one of the things considered along with several other factors. Remorse is an essential consideration by anyone who would consider a pardon in Thailand or any other place in the world. Anyone who displays arrogance as Thaksin is doing would most certainly be turned down in any venue that could provide a pardon. In the United States remorse is probably the most key factor of consideration. Thaksin still comes across as angry and just wanting to pick up where he left off, and that assessment is supported by Thaksin’s own statements. A pardon is often based on emotion and other human qualities shown in the convicted that look beyond the letter of the law.

Quoting Thaksin August 18, 2009 Bangkok Post;

“I would like to reiterate that I do not flee a trial,” he said in the statement.

“Because I do not accept the military coup. I do not accept the rules set by these people.

”I do not accept the accusations made by them. I do not accept the judicial process handed out by them.”

The former prime minster reiterated his belief he was innocent in the controversial land deal that led to his conviction and sentencing to two years in jail for conflict of interest while he serving as Prime Minister.

“There was no corruption in the deal,” he said.

It is only in Thaksin’s mind that he sees himself as innocent. Any competent person with a high school education or higher can clearly see that Thaksin is guilty when reading the court ruling. They can clearly see that the ruling is not political, but in fact a genuine crime. No doubt countries that have already banned Thaksin from entry have read and agreed with the Thai court as well as respect the Thai court. Thaksin’s lack of remorse for his crime, disrespect for the law as well as the courts along with denial would only get him sent back to his jail cell to think about it some more.

Because of that lack of remorse, Thaksin is demanding and not requesting a pardon from the King. In short Thaksin’s arrogance is clearly placing himself above the King and treating the King as a subordinate using high pressure tactics to force his hand. Although Thaksin says he respects the King, his actions clearly show opposite. So once again what comes out of Thaksin’s mouth is completely opposite the truth and now has touched the highest institution in Thailand.

Even the comments by the red shirt leaders making threats if the petition should be delayed in getting to the King smells of disrespect. Only items of the very best quality are given to members of the royal family. To rush the petition through in a half ass way suggest simply giving the King something far less than a quality document for consideration. It also assumes the petition will not be rejected, and if it is they have shown their hand that they will stage a protest around it being the next step in this choreographed chain of events.

Looking beyond Thailand, Thaksin obviously does not care about any law and will simply do what he wants. Point in note sneaking into Germany after misleading the Germans to get a visa is one example. Also out and out lying to the United Arab Emirates government about not using the UAE as a base to launch political attacks. In fact it is fair to assume Thaksin has violated laws in every country he has spent more than 48 hours in. No doubt his reasons would be justified by saying he was above their laws the same as in Thailand. Because he does not respect the laws of other countries it clearly shows Thaksin has no remorse and turning him loose in Thailand would be like selling ones soul to the devil.

Thaksin sees Thailand as his own personal kingdom and will simply do what he wants. That includes hurting or killing  who he chooses, and banish people who he does not like.

This is clearly the thinking of a man who has some serious psychiatric issues. In countries that have a better understanding of psychiatric problems, they would likely place Thaksin in a hospital under lock and key as he clearly endorses violence. The April riots is just one of many such examples. A person like this is clearly a danger to society, and within any society people must be protected if possible from such people with violent tendencies.

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