Thaksin warlord

Because of the repeated violent attacks by Thaksin Shinawatra on Thailand, he now meets the definition of warlord according to Wikipedia. So with that fact stolidly established, the rules of the game can now be changed, and that does not bode in Thaksin’s favor.

Thaksin has become an enemy of Thailand. He has betrayed his country to serve himself. In most every country around the world that would earn him a treason conviction and an almost guaranteed death sentence. It will also almost insure no country will allow him entry as that country would be seen as conspiring with Thaksin. The fact also Thaksin will not stop his attacks as he has already shown will quickly get the welcome mats removed from the doors of countries. In short Thaksin has finally succeed in involving the entire world in his psychotic campaign to be supreme ruler and dictator over all in Thailand. In fact he managed to do it in less than a year, so full marks for efficiency.

For this to become official, Thailand’s government must present this situation to the United Nations seeking their help for a quick remedy. Once the United Nations acts, that will seal Thaksin’s fate. He will have no place to hide as all the world will be looking for him. Outside of perhaps North Korea, he will have no options left.

Once Thaksin is properly declared an enemy to Thailand, the government can quickly impound all of Thaksin’s assets being money in the bank and or property in Thailand. They can also expand that request around the world. In short it would be exactly what the US and other countries are doing with terrorist.

Thailand has devoted significant resources to defend itself from Thaksin. The military has been called out on more than one occasion to deal with Thaksin’s red shirt army. The problems is Thaksin’s red shirt army consists of hired and mislead Thais, so they must be tamed and not killed because Thaksin does want to see Thai blood spilled.

It does not matter if a person sides with Thaksin or not, Thaksin has attacked his own country and of that there can be no doubt, and the penalties of law do apply. Thaksin also must be concerned about the laws in countries he is launching attacks from. Some may just convict and imprison him there for involving that country in an act of war against Thailand. If Thaksin is present in the country when an attack is underway, that may be enough to convict him, but that is a push in most countries. But looking at some of the events in Iran and Burma, it is not totally out of the question. People can get convicted simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This differs from terrorism and what Osama bin Laden is doing. Terrorism has a variety of targets, but Thaksin is clearly focused on the government and the people who he sees are his enemies.

This clearly moves things to a new level but it requires the Thai Government to initiate the status change of Thaksin with the United Nations.

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