Misrepresenting healthcare reform immoral

Deliberate misrepresentation of healthcare reform just to kill the bill is just immoral no matter how you cut it. Whoever is sowing this misinformation is doing so to serve themselves and not the American people.

Few things in life are as important as one’s health. Without good health the quality of life is reduced. So to spread misinformation to scare people away and to change opinion resulting in attacks on politicians who truly have the peoples best interest in mind, is down right immoral as well as unethical. To deliberately deny someone their health, amounts to passive murder if you come and think about it.

One bit of false information being spread was euthanasia is part of the healthcare reform bill. The simple fact is it is not, but tricking people into thinking there is euthanasia in the bill is actually euthanasia itself. If the bill was passed sick people would be allowed affordable healthcare, without it self elected euthanasia becomes their only choice.

Why someone would do this is answered by looking at who is doing it. Connecting the Dots does not want to name names simply because we are not exactly sure who started it, but we do know who is expert at planting the suggestion as covered in a previous post.

A picture of President Obama touched up to make him look like Adolf Hitler is part of this misinformation campaign designed to scare people, there is no other reason.

President Obama spent a significant amount of time and effort to debunk these lies. So to tie up The President for over 10 days simply shows the effort being put into perpetuating these lies.

Americans simply need to understand they are being manipulated and to stop reacting to the manipulation. What they need to do is go after the manipulators in no uncertain terms and deal with these people who would sacrifice the health of countless others for their own self serving reasons. As raw as it is, it seems a good old fashion lynch mob may be the correct medicine for this ailment to send the proper message. To spread a lie that may inconvenience people is one thing, to spread a lie that may kill them is quite another. So in this case a lynch mob seems to be balanced as the people who are creating these lies that may make people needlessly sacrifice their lives have essentially chosen the strength of the medicine.

One Response to Misrepresenting healthcare reform immoral

  1. While I agree that some of the messages are inflammatory and counter productive, you really need to write a piece on the pros & cons of the proposed plan.

    Did you know the number of concessions given to the drug companies total $3.6 TRILLION (with a T) over 10 years? This calculation was done by Obama’s team – this is in exchange for an $80 Billion concession given by the drug companies. Things like importation of drugs from countries outside the US will be enforced indefinitely and there will be no negotiation under medicare part D.

    Why aren’t you challenging the big wet kiss the Obama adminstration made to the AMA, AARP, pharma industry and others? They are the ones spending tens of millions in advertising to get this bill through.

    I think this bill should not pass and have written my congressmen and representatives on this. Unfortunately it’s about big interests and the individual is ignored.

    So in a way the people comparing Obama to Hitler are taking the only remaining course of action left.

    Connecting the dots needs to examine both sides of the argument. Otherwise you aren’t really connecting anything!