Thaksin takes another hit

There have been several events over the past week that spell problems for Thaksin. Although some seem not related, Connecting the Dots will do as we do and show haw they are all tied together.

We were not sure if we actually going to write this as it seems now dots are popping up every few hours. But given the situation and the pending set of events, we decided to indulge.

The first and clearly the most Significant is the Expulsion of Thaksin from the United Arab Emirates. Depending on who you listen to one side will say yes, the other side no. Seeing that Thaksin himself said no, then very simply that means yes he was expelled.

The next dot that adds credibility that Thaksin was sent packing is the organizers of the red shirt rally planned for Sunday August 30 said Thaksin will not be making a presentation. Thaksin would never turn down a chance to make such a presentation. It is very certain he would be as closely involved as possible as the rally was underway. The fact that his spokesman said he would be off in Africa checking out some diamond mines just generates an eye roll when you hear it. What this means is Thaksin has not yet managed to setup his broadcast studio from his new hiding place.

The second hit that Thaksin is experiencing is tied to the government’s security law that will be in place at the rally site. Technically this will have no effect on a rally if it is peaceful as the red shirts say it will be. But based on other bits of information that have been leaked to the news, Thaksin is not at all happy with that to say the least. That reaction clearly says that there were alternative motives.

The other point is the release of an audio tape that apparently has been doctored to cause anger. Based on the timing of the tape release and the venue being the same for the red shirt rally, it is clear to see this was intended to be a tool to incite violence.

Quoting The Nation;

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Thursday denied ordering to disperse the red-shirts during the Songkran mayhem in April.

Abhisit was reacting to the audio clip circulated in the Internet sounding like his voice issuing the instruction.

“The audio clip was definitely doctored because I can confirm I have never issued any instruction on crowd control,” he said.

So to sum it up as Connecting the Dots sees it, Thaksin is banished from the U.A.E. The red shirt rally was to be a spark point for violence using the doctored audio tape to set it off along with perhaps a few other false items. The government’s security laws have seriously wet the matches the red shirts were going to use to light Thailand on fire again. The more the red shirts complain, the more we are convinced that was the game plan.

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