Subcontracting war Part 2

So as we continue to turn our brains into emotional wimps unable to even stomach the thought of prolonged conflict in day to day life never mind at war, the thought of hiring a company to do life’s dirty work of war becomes not only appealing, but necessary. After all when we stop exposing ourselves to the natural resistance and difficulties of life, we simply lose all ability to deal with it.

Anyone that has entered the military will simply testify that basic training is the extreme opposite of political correctness. The drill sergeants are in your face the entire time looking to knock the wimp out of you so you can stand up and fight when called on. However political correctness looks to make wimps out of you. It is not unheard of that if even if someone does not acknowledge a morning greeting to them, that persons entire day is a mess wondering what they possibly did wrong to upset them. That simply results in a wasted day as that person is not able to function. That by no means is a person ready to deal with the realities of life, much less war, and that is all due to political correctness.

For politicians to deal with these wimps and still do the business of war (a necessary dilemma to get reelected) hiring companies to fight the war is about the only answer. As a result companies were formed to do just that and they called themselves ‘security companies’ because that is a politically correct name that masks their true job of driving bullets through people when necessary. Any connection inside the artificial world of what the true nature of these companies are, and they too would be subjected to the same anti war protests as the military. So as a result the powder puff name of Security company sticks. When people think of security companies they may connect that they are the same as the ones that look for shoplifters at Walmart.

The fact that the security companies a government may hire are a far cry from Walmart security, and prefer assault weapons to a walkie-talky is simply lost in the name. However every now and again something happens with these security companies and finds its way into the news. One such example is a security company called “Blackwater” and they ended up killing some people they should not have, as in innocent civilians in Iraq.

Although the Blackwater investigation is still going on and is now an emotionally sensitive word inside the politically correct world, a simple shell game was played to keep them in the game. The company name Blackwater closed and the former employees went to another company and are back out in the same field. So now that the name Blackwater is out of the news and out of mind, everything is alright once again in the politically correct world, when in fact all that happened was one noun was swapped for another.

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