Subcontracting war Part 3

So as the security companies exist to make it seem a country has withdrawn from a war, the fact is they are still just as involved but in a more passive way. The judgments of who to shoot are left to the security companies and the government is simply the customer.

Back before there was political correctness there was no need for these security companies, and the macho military phrase of mop up operations was the norm. after the major part of a conflict is over, all that remains is picking up the pieces and putting them back on the shelf. However in cases like Iraq and Afghanistan, the enemy is harder to define. They do not wear uniforms and are not linked directly to a government.

As a result the mop up operations have become prolonged, and political pressure is mounting for the government to withdraw from the war area. However in reality what the politically correct want and what is reality are once again in conflict. So that leaves the politicians with the need to do a David Copperfield type illusion and make it seem the government has withdrawn from the conflict area. The concern of lives and tax money are part of that David Copperfield type illusion. The reality is that tax money has simply been diverted to the less visible contract with a security company, and lives are no less at risk either.

However the need to clarify things now becomes necessary. Security companies do not have access to the full on war military equipment. Tanks and war planes are not something they can get their hands on even if the Russian guy locked up in a Thai prison was free or not. They simply must be on the up and up because of that political correctness thing again. So as a result they are limited to what they can purchase commercially and not on the black market.

So that leaves them limited with the ability to do only that mop up work, and that tends to keep the over sensitive politically correct people pacified with an illusion that lives and tax money are not involved. They can continue trying to rewrite history in a sensitive politically correct way to wimp out the yet unborn, so that in the future an angry troop of Boy scouts can take over the country with slingshots, sticks and emotionally disturbing words.

The bottom line is war is war and once started it must be completed no matter how troubling it is. Subcontracting war out to security companies only provides the illusion that involvement has ended. Political correctness spawned the need for security companies to pacify the masses. What happens with the military or a security company in a conflict zone is exactly the same, the same people are shot, the same risks are taken, and the same money is spent.

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