Thaksin seeks to undo 2007 national charter vote

In classic Thaksin arrogance, Thaksin has set out to ignore the collective will of the Thai people and to undo the August 2007 vote to accept or reject the proposed new Constitution. Because the vote did not go the way Thaksin wanted, it is clear that classic Thaksin behavior is still alive and well.

Never mind being on the run from the law, and never mind that he is spending the Thai peoples money to stay ahead of capture, Thaksin now looks to slap the Thai people in the face as well. But apparently there is a stumbling block as indicated in the news story below.

Quoting The Nation;

Only coup can bring back 1997 charter: Reconciliation panel chairman

Senator Direk Thuengfung, chairman of the now-defunct reconciliation panel, said Monday that he was puzzled by a call by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra for reinstatement of the 1997 charter.

Direk said only a coup could bring back the 1997, which was abolished by the 2006 coup.

Direk said no laws would allow the current charter to be replaced by another one. He said the laws only allow the Constitution to be amended.

Direk was commenting on Thaksin’s phone-in message to the red-shirt people’s rally Sunday night. The former prime minister called on the red-shirt people to campaign for the reinstatement of the 1997 charter.

But this is Thaksin, and laws are not of his concern. He will push and manipulate this until it goes his way. This also tends to be a non resolvable demand and that could feed the red shirts. Spreading wrong information to the people that this is doable is right up there with telling the people it was OK to pursue signing a petition to the King to cut Thaksin loose. Being totally out of procedure and missing key prerequisites like being already in jail, Thaksin pushed it through and the petition is some place in the works waiting for that fateful decision.

Thaksin never liked things that did not go his way. The last military shuffle before Thaksin left on his fateful trip to the UN did not go as he liked, and left orders to enact his list as he stepped on the plane in early September 2006. If that list was enacted, Thaksin would have installed the final element and give him complete control of the military thus making him unstoppable and that was hours from being done before the September 19 coup.

Other examples of Thaksin getting his way, doing what he wants and ignoring others is apparent every time he does something that others would pay the price for. He has been banned from many countries, but he still continues to buy his way in and got caught in Germany. Getting back into the United Arab Emirates after they asked him to leave simply says big money is being spent. It also suggests that this is the last place Thaksin is allowed to go that has facilities to his liking. Living in a hut some place in Africa does not fit his style.

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