Political correctness case finds high court

To say that issues of political correctness have found the high court or not is a matter of personal interpretations. But the fact is if there is a solid case that is tied to political correctness, the ruling will either be water or gas on the political correctness fire.

Point in note, political correctness wants to make the world a less offensive place. But the fact of the matter is there has to be some line of personal sensitivity that is just too extreme to satisfy. Meaning that people that have severe emotional problems simply have to suck it up and deal with the world. The challenge to the court would be to define where that line is.

There have been some rulings in that past that have clearly fed the political correctness fire namely sexual harassment in the work place. So what has happened that to person ‘A’ what is seen as a compliment, person ‘B’ sees as sexual harassment. To give a positive compliment on a persons selection of clothing may be seen as sexual harassment to the over sensitive person ‘B’.

So the court must establish a set of criteria to not decide what is politically correct, but to establish a level of sensitivity that requires no compensation by others. What this simply translates to is either telling the alleged offender he or she is wrong, or to tell the offended person to seek professional help from a therapist or mental health provider.

Few would disagree that the level of political correctness has gone way to far and is causing undue stress to entire populations so as not to offend a handful of people who truly do need to see a therapist. The damage to society as a whole is already being seen in that younger generations simply lack coping skills from lack of exposure to the real world. In short people are making themselves sick so as to not hurt the feelings of those who are sick.

So this will be no easy task for the court to define and will probably take several cases to set up a standard. But it will require some people to toss the issue into the court system, so don’t be shy if you have a real issue. If you feel you were punished because of someone who is too sensitive complained about you then you have the basis for a solid case that will no doubt be right up there with gun rights and abortion rights.

Trying to make sense and where that line should be may be best answered by a national vote as the collective wisdom of the country will prevail. However that is just a fleeting thought as the court will be tasked with the decision.

So to ask how tough do people need to be is a question that will bring on debate. Should a person be punished for saying a genuine heart felt complement, or should the other person be told to seek counseling. This is very complex as it just about comes down to rewriting the human behavior book. But in general the common sense answer is people should be able to travel to anyplace in the world that is not in some form of conflict without being offended. If that is a standard then the world may once again be a place people can live without Xanax to deal with political correctness stress and anxiety.

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