Thaksin’s money vs Abhisit’s democracy Part 3

So as we have seen that Thais can very easily be bought, it does pose a significant risk to Abhisit’s democracy. So in part 3 we get down to the dirt and explore the potential of a Coup via Baht.

So as Thaksin clearly has the edge of nearly everyone who has a weak moral and ethical foundation, it leaves Abhisit with screens where there should be windows. This simply boils down to how many tasks Abhisit can deal with at one time, and how strong his resources are.

You can use any number of metaphoric descriptors in this case from moles to traitors and all essentially would be accurate. In this case Abhisit can be described as a babysitter of children in a candy store. Keeping the treats out of reach is a daunting task. Add to that the rough shape the economy is in, and that knot in the stomach from being hungry works against Abhisit as well.

So for things to work in Abhisit’s favor, things must happen quickly before Thaksin has time to plant more of his roots. That will involve investigations and quick action should things be out of place. Once it is seen that people that are dancing with the devil are dropping like flies, second thoughts will be made before saying yes to a Thaksin deposit in a bank account.

However even that is not a guarantee if Thaksin has already bought key players like judges. There are already some eyebrows being raised on that possibility, but there is also the possibility that due to lack of funds and a limited shelf life of the investigative body that started the investigations that gave surprise verdicts was the real cause.

So to say what way this will go depends on one of three factors. The first is knowing how many and what people Thaksin has bought. If the number is significant and no doubt growing every single day then it favors Thaksin coming out on top. The second factor is based on Thaksin getting arrested and placed in jail. But that outcome depends also on how long he is locked up. The third factor and game ending is a bullet in Thaksin’s head. Only then can it be assured that in the short term Thailand will have a chance to get on the map as a solid democratic state.

This battle is not over even if Thaksin is dead as the chance his wealth will be willed to his children, and they look to be of the same breed. So the next chapter in Thailand’s history is yet to be named, but when the name comes to light, it will be both as fast and as decisive as a coup.

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