Got Seven?

With the debut of Microsoft’s latest operating system “Windows 7″ after the dreadful Windows Vista, one can not help but wonder if Bill Gates has taken a page from the Coca-Cola business profits play book. After all the scenario seems to be exactly the same.

For those that do not remember what happened with Coca-Cola, they announced a new formula that for the most part sucked. Then after a few months realizing their dreadful mistake as profits plummeted, the reintroduced the original version and called it Coke Classic. As a result sales went through the roof like a rocket.

So the question is was Windows Vista deliberately made bad and flooding the market with pre-loaded Windows Vista in new computers to cause a huge desire for the next release being “Windows 7″? If that is the case then this would fit the underlying style of Bill Gates marketing history.

The review of Windows 7 has been good and a welcome relief from Windows Vista. People holing on to Windows XP waiting for Windows 7 will mostly be delighted in the upgrade. This all translates into a double market being people fed up with Vista, and people patiently waiting while using Windows XP.

By that alone Microsoft looks to have a huge spike in profits between the release date and the end of 2009. The timing fits well with the upcoming Christmas shopping season. So no matter how you look at it, the marketing of Windows 7 seems to have started with the announcement of Windows Vista.

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