Thaksin angry at traitor reality

Unfortunately for Thaksin, people are saying what they see. His actions for a significant part of 2009 have shown his true colors of putting himself first over his country. Teaming up with a country at odds with Thailand, and attempting to overthrow the government by force both match the definition of traitor in every dictionary you care to look in, no matter what language.

It is increasingly obvious Thaksin’s frustration is starting to take a toll. As he continues to ramp up his attack on his own countries government, he is increasingly relying on other sources to supplement his attack, and that has hurt his desired image.

Although this may be a bit premature to discuss because there simply are not enough dots yet to get a clear picture. But there is a possibility that Thaksin’s mental state has become so unstable with his obsession, he has lost or is losing the ability to paint his actions over as being a good thing. Meaning what actions may have looked justified in the past, are now simply too extreme to be classified as justified and coming from a sound mind. His unplugged interview with The Times On Line that generated negative remarks about the King, and his siding with a country that is in conflict with his own are just two such examples.

This has resulted in the threat of legal action equal to saying “If you say water is wet I will sue you.’ However this becomes a double edge sword for Thaksin. If the judge rules against him, very simply that means the judge agrees he is a traitor and that will for the most part put an end to his political objectives in Thailand. So the next question is who will step up to the plate and put an end to Thaksin by taking him on in court on this issue?

Quoting the Nation:

Thaksin’s lawyers threaten opponents with lawsuits

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s lawyers Saturday threatened to sue anyone accusing him lacking loyalty to the monarchy and betraying the country.

Wichit Plangsrisakul and other authorised lawyers to Thaksin said at a hotel in Phuket that some media and a group of people had been expressing their own opinion that distorted the fact involving a recent interview Thaksin gave to the British-based Times Online and made grave accusations against him.

The lawyer said Thaksin had not taken legal action against those who had undergone constant smear campaigns over the past years but after they accused him of not being loyal to the King, being a traitor, and selling the country, Thaksin must protect his name as he found those accusations unacceptable.

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