Cambodia sucked into Thai politics

Whether Cambodia will admit it or not, they are now deeply involved in Thai politics. Unfortunately, getting rid of this involvement may be as difficult as getting a stubborn stain out of your best shirt.

Thaksin Shinawatra has very successfully taken over Cambodia when it comes to politics. No doubt some Cambodians are wondering why they should be concerned about Red Shirt rallies in Bangkok and Prime Minister Abhisit when there certainly are enough problems in Cambodia that need tending to. But as time wears on, sooner or later Thaksin will be upstaging Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in his own country if it has not happened already.

There is fallout of this to be had in Cambodia. The Cambodian Constitution prohibits involvement in the politics of another country, and anyone in the chain of command in Cambodia risks violation of Cambodian law. Not everyone can weather this type of storm as Hun Sen can, and there are sure to be Cambodian casualties. However that simply fits Thaksin’s signature as he uses people for his own personal gain, and in this case Hun Sen may be the biggest loser of the lot.

The alleged spy issue is for the most part confusing. The flight plans that are the center of the spy issue are for the most part public documents and not state secrets. That is why they are filed as required. Even that Thaksin may not care about the law, his pilot does. The fact that the flight plans were for convicted fugitive Thaksin is no issue. So very simply this poor Thai that was accused of being a spy is probably more confused than anything. Bottom line he has become a political pawn between Cambodia and Thailand.

Hun Sen at some point will figure out that Thaksin is just too much of a liability, and will need to change how Thaksin is treated. There looks to be no letup as long as Thaksin is affiliated with Cambodia. But for the moment Cambodia belongs to Thaksin and not Hun Sen.

Even as this continues, Thaksin continues to reinforce his traitor status by using the resources of another country to attack his own. With all of this, it becomes harder and harder not to visualize Thaksin’s fate being very similar to Saddam Hussein in whatever form of execution Thailand uses for traitors.

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