Lies and deception on global warming

If you look hard enough you will find stories on global warming that seem to deny the obvious. Then if you look even further you will note actions by governments that clearly suggest we are not being told everything and that we are in far worse shape than the governments want to admit.

All it takes is to be 30 years old and you will clearly recall that when you were young the weather was very different. That does exclude the illusion of deeper snow when you were young, as when you are only 3 feet tall snow is deep no matter what.

History has shown we suck when it comes to making predictions on how fast things will change when it comes to global warming. Predictions of 2000 that said 50 years away are now much closer to 10 years away or now and in some cases past. So when you look at governments moving up dates for greenhouse gas emission reductions without being excessively hounded by environmental groups, it talks about those secret ‘We are in deep shit’ documents indirectly.

If this is sounding like the plot line of a Hollywood movie when governments deceive the people to stop panic or something like that, this would be the real life ‘Armageddon’ movie where that big rock the size of Texas is going to hit. So to say that in 20 to 40 years New York City will become an uninhabitable man made reef is sure to have a huge effect on global economies. The wholesale moving of population centers is in the cards for our children. That most certainly is a given as we have passed the tipping point for sea level rise. New York may be spared with levies and other such New Orleans style structures, but the southern third of Florida is just too big for such a project.

There is little doubt things are far worse than we are being told. So with that thought personal long term plans for that should be made. People that are 50 and older will likely miss out on all the fun and excitement of full on natures wrath, but people younger than that will most certainly get a good taste of food and water shortages.

Simply now actions speak louder than words. As we observe the collective behavior of governments, we should fairly easily be able to figure out what is on those secret documents that are making governments act environmentally in ways never seen before. A good guess is accelerating sea level rise. The rate has already gone up by at least 50% in the last 8 years. So if it doubles every few years seeing a rise of 1 or 2 inches a year by 2015 is not unlikely. And by 2025 4 or 5 inches a year would seem to be the logical extrapolation of the curve.

So as Connecting the Dots sees things, we are beyond stopping sea level rise, and all we are doing now is buying more time before that inevitable catastrophe that awaits our children happens.

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