The Big question in Thailand

There certainly is one big question that is now on everyone’s mind. That question is will Thaksin heeds the King’s advise or not about putting common interest before his own interest.

The King of Thailand made a very short birthday speech this year. It was short and to the point. Although The King’s speeches are left for each persons personal interpretations, it does not take much to see it is completely opposite of what Thaksin wants.

Quoting the Nation Quoting the King;

His Majesty the King delivered the following brief speech to an assembly of the Royal Family, senior officials and dignitaries at the Grand Palace yesterday.

“My thanks to all of you for your kindness in gathering here in order to offer me best wishes on my birthday. Your sincerely selected blessings are for me to be happy and content.

“My happiness will transpire when our country prospers and when it is stable and peaceful. Progress and stability will come true if everyone in the nation discharges his duty with all his might and puts the common interest before his own interest. They shall do that with their wisdom, conscience, honesty and sincerity.

“I ask all of you here who hold important positions in major institutions of the country, and all groups of Thais, to have a clear understanding about your duties. And then set your sights on performing your duties to the best of your ability for the glorious success of this country, which is where you live and make a living, so that it prospers, stabilises and prevails.

“May the power of the Triple Gems of Buddhism and holy deities protect you from any suffering and danger, and bless you with happiness and success.”

So getting back to the big question, Thaksin’s Red shirts plan to make a rally on Constitution day being December 10, and essentially they have been given their own hanging rope. Between not having the security act enforced by the government to keep them in check, and the intent of their rally being self serving and not in the interest of a united Thailand, this may be Russian roulette for them with a bullet in every chamber.

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  1. Many thanks for posting the translation of the Birthday speech. I saw it live on TV and only made out part of the content as my Thai isn’t so strong.