Thaksin Theater

Thaksin Theater

If there was anyone who could use better plot writers in the theatrics Thaksin puts on, it is Thaksin himself. With the drama that is unfolding in Cambodia pertaining to the alleged spy who provided public documents on request, we will soon see Thaksin swoop in like Superman and save the day.

This does not even qualify as a prediction, but more of a cycle when it comes to Thaksin. We have seen other examples of his bad acting when it comes to car bombs and other such forced scenarios.

The plots are so obvious to everyone, main stream media is starting to make the same type of predictions Connecting the Dots does when it comes to Thaksin Theater. It is like watching a disaster movie over and over again, you think the people in the movie would have learn by now to avoid the same mistakes from the last time you watched the movie.

Unfortunately there are real life pawns who are being put through hell in each of Thaksin’s theatrical performances. In this case it is the alleged spy and his mother. But there seems to be an unexpected plot twist. There seems to be movement to involve the Cambodian Royal family. Unfortunately that plot line is not without risks, and everyone that plays will in one way or another come out damaged, and that includes the Cambodian Royal family. It is nearly impossible to be involved with Thaksin one way or another and not come out undamaged.

To let the Cambodian royal family get sucked into Thaksin theater is just degrading onto itself as it would lower them into the political fray of Thai politics. The one bug is Thaksin is a convicted fugitive, and any application that may be seen as coming from Thaksin to the Cambodian Royal family just becomes a place nobody wants to go. Any pardon in that scenario will simply be seen as Cambodian Royals shitting on the Thai courts.

The bottom line is this is just one big act to allow Thaksin to be seen as ‘The man that can’, but because everyone already knows the outcome already, it will have little if any impact. In comparison to the story of the boy that cried wolf, this is the story of the man that cried hero.

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