The great illusion for women

When a guy talks to a guy, the truth comes out when talking about guy things meaning women and sex. But when a guy talks to a woman, he tells her what she wants to hear and that he only has eyes for her.

Lets face facts, we are human and driven by nature. All the desires, all the thoughts are driven by out primary function to make more of ourselves. Unfortunately that thinking does not match what society calls for. Much of what society is today has been shaped by women. Morals, family values are all for the most part shaped by monogamous thinking, and that for the most part comes from woman.

However in reality nature has other plans in mind and that includes being like the American legend Johnny Appleseed planting seed every place he goes. So there is this huge internal conflict between society and drive.

So to avoid conflict with women, men have concluded to simply tell woman what they want to hear. Men like Thailand because of the charming culture and architecture, and perhaps the hot spicy food that can quickly align your digestive track vertical. Millions of beautiful smiling Thai women have nothing at all to do with why men like Thailand so much.

This and other similar fables men tell women are simply meant to keep the peace and to avoid the wrath of women. If you want to know what happens when women start to smell the truth, just ask Tiger Woods what that is all about as he is now next in line for sacrifice.

Also don’t think that it is just a few men that act this way. Once you have been in Thailand long enough you will discover that eventually everyone makes the rounds to places like Soi Cowboy in Bangkok or Pattaya. That list includes the CEO type, the Rotary Club and Lion Club type, and yes the Embassy staff type as well. In short, all the men others point to as examples of what society should be like, simply are a bit better at fable telling than others.

So this all comes down to keeping the peace and perhaps avoiding the withholding of sex manipulation women frequently employ to get their way. Unfortunately that little trick does not work very well or at all in Thailand as there is just way to much sex available from other sources.

So what this all comes down to is the illusion women have that men can be trained to act in ways other than what nature intended. Women seem to be content with that thought and as long as they have a chance to satisfy their shopping gene there is relative peace and coexistence.

But with that thought, the shopping gene stimulates women to buy things that make them look as attractive as possible. Meaning that they may not like their man looking at other women, but have absolutely no problem in trying to get other men to look at them. So the saying ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ comes to mind. And yes that desire to look good to attract men is driven by nature as well. So it would seem that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. But no fable needed here, men can handle the truth.

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