Moving the goal post to keep unrest

When you look at the political situation in Thailand, most would eventually conclude that things will get sorted out and a sense of normalcy would return. After all that is the goal of sane people to coexist peacefully in compromising harmony. But when you take a closer look at Thailand, it is becoming increasingly clear that the goal of one side is to keep unrest alive and well.

People tend to look at smaller windows of time when keeping things in short term memory. Usually 2 or 3 months is about the limit. After that things get tucked away and much of the smaller detail is forgotten unless properly dug out by photos or other records of events.

Thailand has now been at significant violent conflict with itself  for 1 year. And to draw a comparison you may be able to visualize 2 people fighting. One is full of rage and anger, while the other is just looking to end the fight. The angry fighter would want to keep hitting even if his opponent fell looking to render some sort of punishment. If the tide was turned the other fighter would stop and let the opponent sort out his next move.

So looking at this, and the moving of the goal post that would end the fighting, and you can not help but conclude that unrest and fighting is the desired situation. Every time the government decided to address what the opposition party wanted, the opposition party move the goal further away. They are so far away now, some of the desired things can not be reached within the legal confinements of the Constitution. What that means the fighting becomes perpetual and the product of a very sick mind.

When the government decided to take up the task of amending the Constitution, the opposition suddenly demanded that the old Constitution be reinstated. When Thaksin set terms for discussion, he simply wanted everything after the 2006 coup undone, be cleared of all convictions and pending charges. That too is an impossibility and also feeds perpetual unrest. There were also numerous minor things that followed the same Pattern. Now Thaksin is even involving other countries to see that the unrest continues.

So when you look back at the big picture you will see that Thaksin is doing his best to punish Thailand for even daring to stage a coup against him. And even if he got his wish of being reinstated exactly as he desires with all the bells and whistles, it is obvious to everyone that he would continue to single out and punish people who were instrumental in causing his timeout.

It is hard to ignore how mentally disturbed Thaksin is. He is not only a danger to Thailand, he is now a danger to the region as he seems to care nothing for other countries. He seems more than willing to manipulate Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen into open war with Thailand to continue punishing the people who he sees hurt him.

This is a clear sign that the Internal security act that the Thai government is enacting to control the Red Shirts is hindering Thaksin’s desire to see Thai blood in the streets. It is a simple escalation to counter Abhisit.

It is also not too far fetched that Thaksin would try to involve Burma as well as they are linked to his active court case involving billions of his ill gotten fortune. To get an active conflict along the Thai Burma border would send a bit of a message to the courts as well as to how they should rule.

The bottom line is unrest in Thailand will continue until Thaksin is finally eliminated, and it is no wonder why so many want him dead. People want to return to their lives and not be caught up in Thaksin’s temper tantrum.

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